Friday, April 22, 2016

T is for Top Ten Dreams

Okay, this topic is partially subjective to those researching dreams as ten experts can come up with ten different lists. Yet there are some themes that are far more common the majority of dreams. And since this is my blog and my post, I get to choose. 

Here they are in alphabetical order: 

Being Chased See R is for Running Slowly 

Falling or Sinking See F is for Falling

Falling Teeth I’ve never had this dream or knew anyone who did. But evidently it is quite common and signifies confidence and power. Lose your teeth and your’re struggling with confidence and power. 

Flying See F is for Flying 

Late or Missing a Train I rarely have these dreams but I am a stickler for time. 

Lost or Trapped See Q is for Quarantined 

Naked See N is for Naked 

Out of Control Vehicle You really need to get things back on track.

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Pregnant or Babies A very common dream that often signifies you are or just have birthed something incredible and powerful and beautiful in your life. And yes, men can have dreams with babies, already born I’m assuming. 

Unprepared for an Exam I’ve had dreams telling me to be prepared and specifically how to prepare. See P is for Prophetic Dream for the flip side of Unprepared for an Exam.

Well that’s my Top Ten list gleaned from many Top Ten lists I’ve looked up. Do you see any of your dreams here? 

Honorable Mention Time, Time Travel and Trees

Monday’s Post U is for Universe, Umbilical Cord and Unprepared 

Question Do you remember your dreams? What are some of your common dreams?