Sunday, February 14, 2016

Summer Promotions and Such

Hi all, thought I’d take a moment and tell you what I’ve been up to regarding promotions and such. 

Like many of you, planning for book promos takes place well in advance. So here’s what’s on tap for me beginning the first of many and going all the way through Labor Day Weekend. 

What I Won’t Do Often as important or more so than what I will do. I’m hitting the Easy Button. There are a lot of things I won’t be doing simply because they are not productive when it comes to a full-on promotional campaign. 

Blogging is one. I usually take the summer off with the exception of the Insecure Writers Support Group anyway. Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook will take a back seat, although I will use them just not as much as I have in the past. 

What I Will Do I not only live in a major metropolitan area, but also in a major tourist magnet. Local book signings are on my list. I sure do miss the days of Borders Books and Barnes and Noble book signings. But there are lots of Indie bookstores from San Diego to Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. All within a short drive from home as I’m right smack dab in the center of everything. 
I'm Great at Hawking my Books on the Street

And I’ll peddle physical books out of my trunk up and down the coast to locals, tourists, and smaller hotels. I’ll include a sign on an easel with a QR code for those who would rather download a copy directly from Amazon. 
QR Code for Easy Download

I’m also booking booths at large events such as Fourth of July Street Fairs and Readers Festivals that are everywhere. Possibly libraries too. I’ve overlooked these opportunities far too long. I’ll sell my physical books as well as have my QR code for people to download copies. 

Forthcoming Breakthrough Trilogy Box Set
I’m also putting together really cool new graphics and such. Then there is the Breakthrough Trilogy Box Set. And I’m trying real hard to complete the first book of my new Young Adult / Middle grade series that I think will be a real winner! But these are a post for another day. 

Question What have you been up to? Planning any promos for the summer? Do you use QR codes for people to download copies of your books?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Better Late Than Never IWSG Post

My concern this month, forgetting all about IWSG while I’m on break. D-oh! I mean, how easy is it to post once a month, the first Wednesday of said month? But it happened. Better late than never. 

I have a cold and I hope this is the peak of it so I do have a it of an excuse for not posting in the morning. Well, that’s about it for me. Time for some over-the-counter drugs and lie down with my favorite blankie fresh and warm out of the dryer and binge watch Netflix.

Question Do you warm up your favorite blankie in the dryer when you're sick?