Thursday, April 20, 2017

S is for Super Bugs #AtoZChallenge

Humans are not the only ones thriving and taking those quantum leap forwards. Super bugs are just as busy, mutating, and finding ways to thwart even our best antibiotics.


Saturday T is for Transplant as in Human Head Transplant

Question Are you concerned with epidemics or pandemics breaking out any time soon? If so, do you think mankind armed with technology can come to the rescue?

Be sure to check out our new sites Chopped Pop CultureCool Steampunk Stuff and Professor Nerdlinger’s Online Emporium
Be sure to check out our new sites Chopped Pop Culture, Cool Steampunk Stuff and Professor Nerdlinger’s Online Emporium.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

R is for Regeneration of Cells and Tissues #AtoZChallenge

Now we’re talking about some real cutting edge stuff. This video is the tip of the iceberg. Now some of this research is controversial such as embryonic stem cell research. But science is discovering multiple ways to regenerate cell and tissue. Here is one truly amazing example:


Question What are your thoughts on cell and tissue regeneration? 

Friday S is for Super Bugs.

Be sure to check out our new sites Chopped Pop CultureCool Steampunk Stuff and Professor Nerdlinger’s Online Emporium 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

N is for Nanomedicine #AtoZChallenge

Hey folks, this is an incredible topic with much promise for breakthrough in the near future. I’m no doctor. Nor do I play on TV. So I’ll let my cyber-animated assistant take it from here. 

Question Are you buying into any of these soon to be reality scientific breakthroughs that can radically change humans's lives during our lifetime?

Tuesday O is for Orbits 

Wednesday P is for Printing 3-D Body Parts

Be sure to check out our new sites Chopped Pop CultureCool Steampunk Stuff and Professor Nerdlinger’s Online Emporium 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

J is for Jobs Replaced by Robotics #AtoZChallenge

Forget about Trump. Immigrant workers as well as people living at or below the poverty line are in serious danger of losing what little livelihood they have. Same with the lower Middle Class. 

The Middle Class has been under assault for decades. Soon, what remains their jobs will be threatened also. How? Take a look at this video clip:


Question Do you feel your job could soon be automated and you're handed a pink slip?

Thursday K is for K – 12 Education and What the Future Holds.

Monday, April 10, 2017

I is for Inventions on the Horizon #AtoZChallenge

As always, thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I’m relying heavy on videos for this year A to Z Challenge and today is no different. 

Here are 20 very cool inventions in that are a work in progress but should be hitting the market soon and changing our lives for the better. Enjoy!

Question Do you want time to slow down a bit or are you excited about our ever changing world coming at us full speed? 

Wednesday J is for Jobs Replaced by Robotics. 

Thursday K is for K – 12 Education and What the Future Holds

Sunday, April 9, 2017

H is for Hyperloop

Most of us have heard of this awesome way to travel that will be with us, at least in regional areas, very soon. A lot of buzz has been around Elon Musk’s version he wants to build between L.A. and San Francisco that would be a thirty-minute ride. 

Leave it to private industry to design a far superior product at a fraction of the cost than the state of California’s $100B Crazy High Speed Train to Nowhere.

But Elon 

Musk isn't the only thing happening. He has competition across the world such as Hyperloop One. Here is a clip for a hyperloop Desinged by Hyperloop One that is slated to be finished in Dubai in 2020.

Question Do you buy into the notion the hyperloop will become a safe and reliable and eventually every day form of travel? 

Tuesday I is for Inventions on the Horizon. 

Wednesday J is for Jobs Replaced by Robotics.

Friday, April 7, 2017

G is for Gene Therapy #AtoZChallenge

Gene Therapy A technique still in the experimental stage that will use genes to prevent or treat disease. It’s possibly doctors will be able to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient's cells. This could replace performing surgery or subscribing drugs with terrible side effects. How this would work is ..... ah, forget it. I’ll let someone else who can explain it much better than me. 

Folks, this sounds so futuristic but it can become reality at least in part during our life time.


Question Are you a believer gene therapy can be a reality and a real game changer is diseases afflicting mankind? 

Monday H is for Hyperloop

Tuesday I is for Inventions on the Horizon

Thursday, April 6, 2017

F is for Floating Skyscraper #AtoZChallenge

Folks, this is some real crazy $h!+. Floating skyscrapers. Anchored by trapping an asteroid orbiting Earth. Tethering the two are high strength cabling. 

I’ll let this this one minute video explain this ambitious project:


You can heck out this article detailing the feasibility of such a project: This skyscraper is out of this world -- literally

Question Would you take up residence in a floating skyscraper? remember, this thing can travel the globe anytime anywhere.

Saturday G is for Gene Therapy

Monday H is for Hyperloop 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

E is for Extinctions on The Horizon #AtoZChallenge

For all the amazing breakthroughs we as humans are on the cups of discovering, the mere presence of humans on this Earth is a problem for a lot of species. But animals and plants do not need humans to be the triggering point for extinction. There have been five major mass extinctions where 75 – 96% of all creatures in the air, land and sea died. 

Many experts believe we are now entering the sixth mass extinction. There are species going extinct today that will do so without our assistance. But make no mistake, some are dying off because we encroach on their territory, hunt them and dump our toxins and pollutants where they live and eat. Biodiversity, which is vital for scores of species that rely on each other for survival, need large sections of land such as rain forests that slash and burn methods destroy. 

A sixth mass extinction of animals and plants could threaten human existence. 

It’s documented over the past 500 years about 1,000 species are now extinct. This does not include potentially that have left us before scientists had a chance to discover them. It’s estimated there are tens of thousands of animals and plant species threatened with extinction. For a list of more commonly known animals currently endangered or vulnerable to extinction CLICK HERE 

Question Can humans slow down extinctions or is this a natural process of nature we little to no control over?

Friday F is for Floating Skyscrapers

Saturday G is for Gene Therapies

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

D – Deep Space Exploration, IWSG and #AtoZChallenge

Folks, we’re going into Deep Space sooner rather than later. Governments and private industry such as SpaceX, Virgin Atlantic and Blue Origin are gearing up to make a deep push to place humans past our moon to Mars and into the asteroid belt and beyond. 

People are already volunteering and training to make a one-way trip to Deep Space and work and live there without returning to Earth. But first colonies will need to be built. We can send water and supplies years ahead of people. 

But we will need construction materials. Some will be readily available. Capturing asteroids and crashing them to the surface to mine is another option. 

Deep Space travel will not be limited to Governments and companies led by Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezoz. Commercial flight is in the drawing board. Virgin Atlantic is billing itself as the world’s First Commercial Spaceline. SpaceX is planning on sending two private civilians on a trip around the moon in 2018. 

Inevitably, we will see a team of college students launch someone into space. The volunteer will probably be a frat boy drunk off their @$$ and wake up to find themselves orbiting the earth. Who knows, maybe in the near future a kid will win a science fair somewhere in rural Indiana by sending a classmate into space, orbit the earth, then land safely. 

IWSG Do you ever feel a sense of urgency to finish a project because you think someone else is doing something similar and will bring it to market before you and it will be a smashing success? I deal with this about once a month. Sometimes more. I wonder if other people experience the same concern? 

Question if you had the opportunity, would you take a commercial space flight? Ever think someone will beat you to market with a similar story?

Thursday E is for Extinctions on the Horizon

Friday F is for Floating Skyscraper 

Monday, April 3, 2017

C is for Cyborg #AtoZChallenge

What Is A Cyborg You have seen them on TV. You’ve seen in the movies. But you’ve also seen cyborgs in real life. In fact, you might even be a cyborg. 

A cyborg is a being made up of organic and biomechatronic body parts. Cyborg was coined by Manfred Clynes and Nathan S. Kline in 1960. A cyborg can be human, mammal, alien or really any kind of living organism. 

Bionic arms and legs. Artificial eyes. Ear implants. All operated in part or in whole with technology such as microchips. And folks, ten years from now our world will be so different than today. People and even mammals walking around and performing everyday tasks with body parts they were not born with will be so common place. There might even be a Cyborg Olympics. How cool would that be! 

Here is a video that is definitely worth checking out. If you’re busy running the A to Z circuit come back and watch this later. People, we truly live in amazing times!  


Wednesday D is for Deep Space 

Thursday E is for Extinction and don't forget it's also Insecure Writers Support Group too.

Question Are you a cyborg? Do you know anyone who is a cyborg?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

B is for Blindness Cures #AtoZChallenge

Blindness Progress And the blind shall see. Really? Folks, there is truly amazing progress in this field. Nearly 300 million people considered legally blind in this world. Science is progressing in numerous fields to bring eyesight, in part or in whole, to these people. Here are just a few ways we could see (no pun intended) during our life time. 

Stem Cell Research Scientists are developing a method that generates key types of eye tissue from human stem cells that could help repairing or regenerating the lens, cornea and conjunctiva. Yes, this is a very complex research that is not a one size fits all. But it is moving forward. There are obstacles like clinical-trial design, therapy manufacturing and regulatory compliance. 

Microchip Implants MIT researchers are developing an implant that could bypass damaged retinal cells. This method will offer a path of visual input directly to the brain. 

Helping the Blind to See in India’s Hard-to-Reach Villages

Gene Therapy Treatment XLRP is a leading cause of inherited, progressive vision loss. Mutations in the gene RPGR cause about 70 of the 15,000 people in the United States and tens of thousands more around the world. Injection of healthy copies of RPGR underneath the retina is designed to readily penetrate retinal cells to deliver the therapeutic genetic cargo. Researchers hope that a single injection of the XLRP gene therapy will slow or halt vision loss for several years. Reference

Tomorrow C is for Cyborgs

Question Are you excited about the incredible progress science is moving forward with? Or do you think humans as a species will somehow screw everything up in the long run?