Wednesday, April 5, 2017

E is for Extinctions on The Horizon #AtoZChallenge

For all the amazing breakthroughs we as humans are on the cups of discovering, the mere presence of humans on this Earth is a problem for a lot of species. But animals and plants do not need humans to be the triggering point for extinction. There have been five major mass extinctions where 75 – 96% of all creatures in the air, land and sea died. 

Many experts believe we are now entering the sixth mass extinction. There are species going extinct today that will do so without our assistance. But make no mistake, some are dying off because we encroach on their territory, hunt them and dump our toxins and pollutants where they live and eat. Biodiversity, which is vital for scores of species that rely on each other for survival, need large sections of land such as rain forests that slash and burn methods destroy. 

A sixth mass extinction of animals and plants could threaten human existence. 

It’s documented over the past 500 years about 1,000 species are now extinct. This does not include potentially that have left us before scientists had a chance to discover them. It’s estimated there are tens of thousands of animals and plant species threatened with extinction. For a list of more commonly known animals currently endangered or vulnerable to extinction CLICK HERE 

Question Can humans slow down extinctions or is this a natural process of nature we little to no control over?

Friday F is for Floating Skyscrapers

Saturday G is for Gene Therapies

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