Sunday, April 2, 2017

B is for Blindness Cures #AtoZChallenge

Blindness Progress And the blind shall see. Really? Folks, there is truly amazing progress in this field. Nearly 300 million people considered legally blind in this world. Science is progressing in numerous fields to bring eyesight, in part or in whole, to these people. Here are just a few ways we could see (no pun intended) during our life time. 

Stem Cell Research Scientists are developing a method that generates key types of eye tissue from human stem cells that could help repairing or regenerating the lens, cornea and conjunctiva. Yes, this is a very complex research that is not a one size fits all. But it is moving forward. There are obstacles like clinical-trial design, therapy manufacturing and regulatory compliance. 

Microchip Implants MIT researchers are developing an implant that could bypass damaged retinal cells. This method will offer a path of visual input directly to the brain. 

Helping the Blind to See in India’s Hard-to-Reach Villages

Gene Therapy Treatment XLRP is a leading cause of inherited, progressive vision loss. Mutations in the gene RPGR cause about 70 of the 15,000 people in the United States and tens of thousands more around the world. Injection of healthy copies of RPGR underneath the retina is designed to readily penetrate retinal cells to deliver the therapeutic genetic cargo. Researchers hope that a single injection of the XLRP gene therapy will slow or halt vision loss for several years. Reference

Tomorrow C is for Cyborgs

Question Are you excited about the incredible progress science is moving forward with? Or do you think humans as a species will somehow screw everything up in the long run?

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