Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Insecure Writers Support Group, NaNoWriMo Results

IWSG November IWSG Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by and saying hello! This month’s Insecure Writers Support Group is brought to you by the our host Alex Cavanaugh and his incredible co-hosts Jennifer Hawes, Jen Chandler, Nick Wilford, Juneta Key, JH Moncrieff, Diane Burton and MJ Fifield. Be sure to stop by and give these awesome hard working bloggers some love. 

NaNoWriMo 15,392. Yep. That’s right. 15,392 one of my lowest word counts to date yet by far the most successful. How can that be? Well, I’m mighty glad you asked. The object of this annual event is to write as many words as you possibly can without regard to editing and formatting and researching and stuff. I started off this way and quickly found myself working on three different projects. Problem was, I needed to research a lot of stuff before freestyling it and just write for the sake of writing for volume. 

So I did a lot of research which was great because I framed three incredible works and all the research is complete. I can know write for volume and will easily finish one project before the holidays are over. Now 

If you reach that magical number of 50,000 then you get to post a really cool NaNoWriMo badge. It’s a major milestone and if you achieved 50,000 this year or any year then you should be proud. 

Too bad there isn’t a NaDecWriMo for December as I will hit the 50,000 word mark for sure.

In fact anyone and everyone should be proud of participating and whatever world count you achieved then hat’s off to you and go out and celebrate. Do something crazy. Just don’t get caught. 

Question Did you participate in NaNoWriMo this year? If so, how many words did you write. Have you ever hit the 50,000 word count?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November IWSG, November NaNoWriMo

November IWSG Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by and saying hello! This month’s Insecure Writers Support Group is brought to you by the our host Alex Cavanaugh and his incredible co-hosts Joylene Nowell Butler, Jen Chandler, Mary Aalgaard, Lisa-Buie Collard, Tamara Narayan, Tyrean Martinson and Christine Raines

NaNoWriMo Let’s get right down to it. 30 days. 50,00 words. Fueled by coffee and wine. Sleep is a luxury. I had to go back to work full time and this will be a hinderance to achieving 50,000 words. But I can do it. Twice I had achieved 25,000 words and if I hit this milestone a third time I will be very much happy. But I’m all in. 

Insecurity ... What Insecurity All I need to do is average 5.5 pages a day. No research. No editing. No wasting time on wasting time. It’s writing a 50,000 word draft Balls to the Wall all out blitz and just write without regard to anything other than putting 50,000 words to a Word doc. 

That’s all. In December I can go back and clean things up, put chapters in proper order, research and edit. But for November beauty is in the number of words produced and nothing else.

Question Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Why or why not? Best wishes if you are!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

30 Seconds Before: If I Were A Mobster Blogfest

Hi all, as always thanks for stopping by. Here are the answers to the Blogfest sponsored by Chrys Fey as she releases her latest and greatest 30 Seconds Before.

My Mobster Name Vasquez 

My Rank I’m a loner for hire. 

Crime Zone I’m a traveling mobster; New York, LA, Monaco, Hong Kong, Paris, etc. Hey, if I’m a mobster I want to have fun and travel, not simply commit crimes. 

My Look / Disguise I’ll have to be a mobster that hides in plain view. Kind of like a James Bond gone bad. Good dresser. Travels the globe. Eats at great restaurants. Invited to parties of the rich and famous. 

Mobster Vehicle A hand full of six-figure sports cars to call my own with friends who own a yacht and helicopter. Hey, this stuff is high maintenance so let someone else pay and maintain them. 

What I’m Known For Brokering complicated deals for other mobsters. Let them do the dirty work. 

My Catch Phrase Catch Me If You Can. 

The Name of my Mob Leader Whoever can afford my services can call themselves whatever they want.


Blake Herro is a cop in the Cleveland Police Force. Ever since he was a child he wanted to do right by the city he loved by cleaning up the streets and protecting its citizens. Red, a notorious mobster, has other plans.

On a bitter December night, ten police officers are drawn into a trap and killed by Red’s followers. Blake wants to bring down the Mob to avenge his fallen brothers and to prevent other cops from being murdered. Except the only way he can do that is by infiltrating the Mob.

Every minute he’s with these mobsters he’s in danger. Around every corner lies the threat of coming face to face with a gun. Will he make it out of the Mob alive or will he be their next victim?


To celebrate, 30 Seconds, the follow up story, is on sale for 99 cents!

Sale Oct. 21st – Nov. 4th



Chrys Fey is the author of the Disaster Crimes Series (Hurricane Crimes and Seismic Crimes), as well as these releases from The Wild Rose Press: 30 Seconds, Ghost of Death, and Witch of Death. Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Now please hop around to the other participants:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October IWSG, Out With the Old and in With the New, Studio December and Flu Shots

IWSG This month’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group is hosted by Beverly Stowe McClure, Megan Morgan, Viola Fury, Madeline Mora-Summonte, Angela Woodbridge, Susan Gourley and of course Alex Cavanaugh. Be sure to stop by and give these awesome hard working bloggers some love.

I’ve been off for a couple months and it’s great to be back! Lots of good stuff going on but that doesn’t mean all is good. My big concern these days is regarding my marketing and promotional platform which includes branding. Been doing it all wrong this year. 

Example Big events that needed much work and preparation but yielded miniscule returns (see my July IWSG post). So I’m returning to what got me going in the first place: a grass roots approach. I’m working with Barnes and Noble and independent bookstores up and down the coast and many are willing to give me a shot. More on this later. Selling books out of the back of my car and at the beach is proving to be very successful. And libraries are working with me with signings and carrying my books on their shelves. Moving forward: no big events for the forseeable future. 

New Platform I’m working on a new platform and brand I even have a logo. More on that on next month’s IWSG post. 

New Series I have a new Young Adult / Middle Grade SciFi series that combines science and the supernatural set at the end of this century. I’m moving forward with this at ludicrous speed and hope to finish the first complete draft during NaNoWriMo next month. No title yet but here is a one-line blurb: 

"We spent decades searching the night-time sky for habitable planets and signs of intelligent life; but they found us first."

Paying It Forward I’m giving a shout out for Studio December Awesome websites for awesome clients. From start to finish, we do it all. Our websites reinforce your branding and allow you to offer your unique services to potential customers. Our experience not only allows us to build awesome websites, but allows us to help you expand your brand into the real of social media and much, much more. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you! 

Flu Shots Got mine. Did you get yours? 

Question So what’s the latest and greatest with you?

Ludicrous Speed in Ludicrous Speed


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

IWSG Just Keep Swimming

IWSG Hi all today I’m co-host of Alex Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group. The other co-hosts are Tamara Narayan, Tonja Drecker, Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor, Lauren @ Pensuasion, and Julie Flanders. Be sure to stop by, say hello, and give these fine folks some love. 

My issue this month is more of an encouragement. Just Keep Swimming. Yes, it’s Dory’s theme song. Stuck in a rut? Spinning your wheels in the mud? Swimming in that black icky place with green stuff floating on the top? Sometimes you have to just keep swimming. We all have those trials of life we have to go through and no one or no thing will get us out. 

Perhaps it’s a test. Regardless, we’re going through it whether we like it or not. Best to find someone to walk with us, hold our hand, and give us words of encouragement as we go through that time. But we have to just keep swimming. We don’t always see the end from the beginning but we have to just keep swimming. 

We’ll get through it. And if you’re in one of those places let someone from the IWSG know you need support and someone to go through it with. I’m sure you’ll find a veteran of a similar trial that can help navigate through that dark icky place. 

Cling to God A Daily Devotional. by Lynda R Young 

Release Date October 18th, 2016 Published by Freedom Fox Press Cling to God in the chaos of life… 

Cling to God is a book of devotionals for every day of the year. The aim is to encourage Christians in their faith, to help them think about their beliefs and learn more about God. The devotions are short and inspirational so that people with busy lifestyles will still be able to spend time with the Lord each day. It will appeal to a wide Christian audience, to those new in their faith as well as those matured beyond milk and honey. 

Author Bio Lynda R. Young, a Christian first, writes devotionals, articles, and speculative short stories. In her spare time she is also an editor, game developer, artist, and dabbles in photography and all things creative. She lives in Australia with her sweetheart of a husband. 

You can find her here:

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 2016 IWSG and Summer Promos

IWSG This week’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group support group of the consists of Alex Cavanaugh's amazing and awesome Co-Hosts: Yolanda Renee, Tyrean Martison, Madeline Mora-Summonte, L.K. Hill, Rachna Chhabria and JA Scott

Be sure to stop by their websites, say hello, and show a little love! 

Summer Promos I planned a huge event at the Mission Viejo 4th of July Street Fair that attracts between 10,000 and 20,000 people. I bought a 10 X 10 spot and set up my books and a big promo for my monthly newsletter. 

Lesson Learned I have to understand holiday weekends are not a good time for a book promotion. The real winners for this event were vendors selling Beer and Nachos. 

Pretty much all the attendees didn’t buy anything and that’s across the board. I observed thousands of people leaving the event empty handed. Rare was the sight of a person carrying something they bought from a vendor other than food and drink. 

I had a good but not great turnout. Average at best is more like it. I sold books and had a decent enlistment for my monthly newsletter and a lot of looky-loos. And the usual conspiracy theorists who never blink and hang out far too long for my comfort level that I seem to attract like a magnet. But that’s all. I just didn't see the return for my effort as I spent a lot of time preparing for this event.




That's the order of the day for Memorial Day, Labor Day and Fourth of July. No more events for me during these holidays although I will do events during the Christmas season. I can do much better setting up shop at the beach with far less work and financial investment hawking my goods at locals and tourists walking by. 

Question What are your success and not-so-successful promo events? I’d like to hear them.

Early Morning Set up

View From my Chair

Lake Mission Viejo

Dakota is all Tuckered Out

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June IWSG and the Big Big Big Really Big You Won't Believe Your Eyes Big Event

For this IWSG I’m thinking really big thoughts. Like many of you, I saw my good fortunes and opportunities dwindle when Borders Books went bankrupt and Barnes and Noble gave the boot to small-pubbed folks like me. I had books all over the US in those stores. 

Fast forward to today and now I’m left to my own devices to promote four books with two new ones in the works. Fortunately, I live in a large metropolitan area loaded with tourists and there are many large events to promote my literary wares. 

Example Within walking distance of my house is the Mission Viejo 4th of July Street Fair that attracts upwards of 20,000 people each year and I have a 10 X 10 spot. People wander the Street Fair then stake out a patch of grass and wait hours for the fireworks display. 

And guess what? They’re either napping or reading. I have some great ideas and will post pics and results in July’s IWSG. I’ll tell you what worked and what didn’t. But the key is to get people to enter my canopy as almost all other vendors set their tables at the very edge of their tents or canopies and they have all that wasted space behind them. 
Steve, were all sending you big thoughts for your Big Big Big Really Big You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Big Event

I’ll use a smaller table at the front and allow people to enter on both sides. Inside three more tables will set up behind me with a flat screen parading images of my books, blurbs, past book signings and fifteen second video clips. I won’t bore you with details now, but definitely check back Wednesday July 6th for pics and results. 

And feel free to send big thoughts of a smashing success my way!

Question Have any promotional plans for the summer? Doing any writing or editing? Or are you taking the summer off?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May IWSG and Other Fun Stuff!!!

IWSG This week I’m co-hosting IWSG along with Fundy Blue, M.J. Fifield, Loni Townsend, Bish Denham, Susan Gourley and Stephanie Faris. Be sure to take a moment and stop by these awesome co-hosts blogs and give them a little love. 

I’ve received numerous emails from readers upset thinking that Salem’s Daughters has ended. They didn’t like seeing Debbie Stevens end this way and made sure I understood their frustration. But there’s no need to fear, a sequel will soon be here. I recently posted a teaser chapter on my blog HERE

Then I thought, hey, I should put a teaser chapter at the end of all my books. So I did. I placed the teaser chapter from Salem’s Daughters sequel at the end of Salem’s Daughters, a chapter from Salem’s Daughters at the end of Escalation, a chapter from Escalation at the end of Opening and a chapter from Opening at the end of Breakthrough. 

Steve’s Monthly Celestial Calendar Newsletter and Other Fun Stuff I started a monthly newsletter a while ago and a hundred people signed up on the initial announcement with dozens more joining in the weeks following. Things got off to a pretty good start but soon got lost in the hustle and bustle and business of life. 

But I’m bringing it back! Folks, this is a really cool newsletter. Trust me. If you liked me science and astronomy posts and the Fun Facts and Did You Know series, you’re going to absolutely love this. 

Each month will list incredible astronomical events for that month, incredible sights you can see from your back yard with the naked eye, a decent telescope, or a good set of binoculars. And there’s a section called Kids Korner and Young People to help engage our youth with just how cool our universe is. 

To begin receiving your monthly newsletter you can sign up right here right now:
Or go to the Monthly Celestial and Other Fun Stuff tab above. Encourage you to sign up at least for one issue. If you don’t like it unsubscribing is a click away. 

Question Do you have teaser chapters from one book at the end of another book? And do you read teaser chapters when you see them?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Z is for Zenith

Well, that’s it folks. The last day of A to Z. It’s been fun, but I’m spent. 

So for today I’ll simply ask what are your favorite kind of dreams and what are the dreams you like the least. For me I like Epic Dreams and dreams of the universe. I wake up with a sense that I want to do something great that day. My worst dreams are falling from great heights. Yeah, those are the worst. 

Question What are your favorite kind of dreams and what are the dreams you like the least.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Y is for Yourself

Yourself All too often I hear people tell of their dreams and wonder what the setting means or what a particular color signified or what the heck other people were doing there. Rarely do I hear anyone talking about themselves in their dreams. Even though they are in their dreams, the dreamer focuses on everything external surrounding them rather than what the dreams means to the inner-man or the inner-woman. 

To dream of yourself can have a variety of meanings, of course, specific to you. So next time you remember a dream, don’t forget to think about what's going on inside because after all, it’s your dream and more than likely meant to benefit you deep down inside the spirit, soul and mind. After all, you may very well be trying to sort yourself out, something you might not be able to do while you are awake. 

Carl Jung has some interesting insight into dreaming of yourself. But time does not allow us to move forward, so if you’re so inspired this is a good mini-project to Google this weekend. 

No Honorable Mention for Y for You

Honorable Mention Like X, there are slim pickings here. I can see the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld say, “No honorable mention for Y for you.” 

Tomorrow Z is for Zenith 

Question Do you dream about yourself? You probably do and may focus on everything externally about you rather than the real you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

X is for X

X From what I know X in a dream is not very common. But when someone dreams of a prominent X it is in reference to something that is taboo or forbidden to you. 

Gossip or slander or defaming someone is a common theme. X is not necessarily a bad dream as much as it is a warning to you. Stop! Don’t go there. Just turn around and move in another direction.

Honorable Mention None. As you know, there are slim pickings for the letter X.

Tomorrow Y is for Yourself

Question Have you dreamt of anything that is taboo? You don't have to tell us, but gosh darn I bet there are some really interesting X Dreams to tell.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

W is for Write It Down, White and Wind Chimes

Write It Down If you remember your dreams, at least for your first waking moments, have a journal by your bedside and write down with as many details as possible: setting, colors, people, time, pace etc. You can grab your cell phone and speak the details of your dreams and record them. You never know when you might want to refer back to a particular dream. 
Yes, This is an Image of White

White I mentioned a few times colors mean different things to different people simply because of culture and religion for example. From my experience white means something righteous and heavenly such as the Great White Throne of God. But I have heard people relate white to isolation and loneliness. 

Wind Chimes There is a common theme of peace and tranquility. I have not heard of a bad dream related to wind chimes. 

Honorable Mention Walking, Warehouse and Weather Vane

Tomorrow X is for X

Question Do you write down your dreams or have the desire to moving forward?

Monday, April 25, 2016

V is for Visitations, Vehicles and Venting

Visitations From what I’ve read in comments from previous posts many of you have had what you believe was a visitation from someone who had passed on. This is exactly what a visitation dream is. 

But it’s important to note many people claim to have a visitation while awake. There is a verse in the Bible. Hebrews 12:1 

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. 

Many interpret this great cloud of witness to be the saints of old (Catholics) or loved ones (Protestants) who God has given authority to briefly make a visitation to an individual or to help them pray. 

Vehicles Now here is a topic whose meaning is all over the charts. I’ve read vehicles could mean dozens of things. So I’ll state what they have meant to me: a message is being delivered. 

I believe God can deliver a message in dreams and a vehicle is the mode of transportation; cars, trains, planes, buses, boats, sherpas, etc. Time detours me from elaborating on this topic such as what type of vehicle, is it public private or corporate, the speed, color, who is driving etc. 

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. Great Way to Vent. 

Venting This is self-explanatory. You may never open that release valve at work and tell your boss what you really think of him or her. But in your dreams, you have a blank check to vent with mucho gusto. 

Tomorrow’s Post W is for Write It Down, White and Water 

Question Have you had a visitation in your dreams or while you were awake?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

U is for Universe, Underwater and Unicorns

Universe These dreams are incredible and amazing. These are big dreams that are fueled by big thinkers who see endless opportunities, even if their current life may be stuck in a rut. 

Underwater Most dream experts agree being underwater means you’ve lost control of your life and need to take immediate corrective action. Often emotions are the drivers of these dreams. 

Some will view a dream like this as negative. But it’s all about perspective. Dreams like this are a warning and actually give you direction. They shout out for you to take action now and once you do you’ll be able to breathe freely and tread water once again. 

Unicorns I know there are a lot of unicorn fans out there so I had to include this. I’ve never dreamt of a unicorn but other people have. From what I’ve read a dream with a unicorn has almost always been positive and signifies hope and dreams and even power that is to be used in a good way. 

Honorable Mention U-turn, underwater and UFO 

Tomorrow’s Post V is for Visitations, Vehicles and Venting

Question Had any universal dreams or dreams with unicorns?

Friday, April 22, 2016

T is for Top Ten Dreams

Okay, this topic is partially subjective to those researching dreams as ten experts can come up with ten different lists. Yet there are some themes that are far more common the majority of dreams. And since this is my blog and my post, I get to choose. 

Here they are in alphabetical order: 

Being Chased See R is for Running Slowly 

Falling or Sinking See F is for Falling

Falling Teeth I’ve never had this dream or knew anyone who did. But evidently it is quite common and signifies confidence and power. Lose your teeth and your’re struggling with confidence and power. 

Flying See F is for Flying 

Late or Missing a Train I rarely have these dreams but I am a stickler for time. 

Lost or Trapped See Q is for Quarantined 

Naked See N is for Naked 

Out of Control Vehicle You really need to get things back on track.

Add caption

Pregnant or Babies A very common dream that often signifies you are or just have birthed something incredible and powerful and beautiful in your life. And yes, men can have dreams with babies, already born I’m assuming. 

Unprepared for an Exam I’ve had dreams telling me to be prepared and specifically how to prepare. See P is for Prophetic Dream for the flip side of Unprepared for an Exam.

Well that’s my Top Ten list gleaned from many Top Ten lists I’ve looked up. Do you see any of your dreams here? 

Honorable Mention Time, Time Travel and Trees

Monday’s Post U is for Universe, Umbilical Cord and Unprepared 

Question Do you remember your dreams? What are some of your common dreams?