Wednesday, April 27, 2016

X is for X

X From what I know X in a dream is not very common. But when someone dreams of a prominent X it is in reference to something that is taboo or forbidden to you. 

Gossip or slander or defaming someone is a common theme. X is not necessarily a bad dream as much as it is a warning to you. Stop! Don’t go there. Just turn around and move in another direction.

Honorable Mention None. As you know, there are slim pickings for the letter X.

Tomorrow Y is for Yourself

Question Have you dreamt of anything that is taboo? You don't have to tell us, but gosh darn I bet there are some really interesting X Dreams to tell.


  1. Oh my gosh yes, a few taboo dreams indeed. Wasn't a taboo one but the funniest ones are when I dream hubby is having an affair (and he never has and never will) and then I'm made at him when I wake up in the morning, like he had any control of what I dreamed.


    1. betty, my wofe has woken up from a dream made at me for something I did in the dream. Sometimes is tough being a man.

  2. what of triple x in a dream

  3. I've probably had taboo dreams, ones where I'm eating dessert first and throwing the veggie sides off the table. But I don't remember seeing an X though.

  4. Oh I have definitely dreamt of some taboo things :) Not last night though - last night involved a supermarket and baby rabbits - nope, I can't explain it either ;)
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  5. No x for me. But since you are doing dreams.. let me ask you this- So I know I really need a hair cut and today, I dream that my mother in law tells me that my hair looks awful. What category does that fall into?? And The worst part is I know its a dream, but I'm still mad at her in real life. :P
    #AtoZChallenge - X is for Xanax

  6. Well, any dude who says he's never dreamed of a threesome with him and two women is lying...

  7. X could also mean... X marks the spot, as in, there's treasure here!

  8. Taboo? My nightmares are violent and scary, that should be taboo! Meaning infrequent and unusual, not common. LOL

  9. This is one symbol I'm glad to say I haven't experienced. And I probably just jinxed myself and tonight there will be a ton of Xs in my dream.

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  10. I don't know about taboo. Weird stuff, though.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  11. I can't remember any taboo dreams off the top of my head, so I'm guessing I haven't had one since they would probably be memorable!

  12. I'm pretty sure my dreams haven't taken a turn for the taboo. They've led me down some dark paths, but never into that depth.

  13. Haven't seen an X in a dream, or an ex, either!

  14. Of course and it involves big surprise there