Thursday, April 28, 2016

Y is for Yourself

Yourself All too often I hear people tell of their dreams and wonder what the setting means or what a particular color signified or what the heck other people were doing there. Rarely do I hear anyone talking about themselves in their dreams. Even though they are in their dreams, the dreamer focuses on everything external surrounding them rather than what the dreams means to the inner-man or the inner-woman. 

To dream of yourself can have a variety of meanings, of course, specific to you. So next time you remember a dream, don’t forget to think about what's going on inside because after all, it’s your dream and more than likely meant to benefit you deep down inside the spirit, soul and mind. After all, you may very well be trying to sort yourself out, something you might not be able to do while you are awake. 

Carl Jung has some interesting insight into dreaming of yourself. But time does not allow us to move forward, so if you’re so inspired this is a good mini-project to Google this weekend. 

No Honorable Mention for Y for You

Honorable Mention Like X, there are slim pickings here. I can see the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld say, “No honorable mention for Y for you.” 

Tomorrow Z is for Zenith 

Question Do you dream about yourself? You probably do and may focus on everything externally about you rather than the real you.


  1. Yes..I always look around but I do notice what I am doing because I was taught that in my class of many years ago. I can usually relate it to feelings I have I. Waking life

  2. I'll have to remember this the next time I'm dreaming about myself, to analyze that part of it more than the external factors.


  3. I often dream about myself. Even though I don't see myself, I do feel the emotion. Thanks so much for the super 'dreaming' posts throughout the month, Stephen. It's been so interesting and thought provoking. Have a super duper weekend.

  4. I'm not sure if I don't focus on myself in dreams or if I just don't remember those bits. Dreaming can be tricky :)
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  5. I dreamed last night of my husband's grandmother's house. We were there. It was for sale. Not anything like her house. Was I dreaming for "take backs"? Hoping to change my history?

    Your A to Z's were very informative and entertaining. Thank you.

  6. I think I am conscious of myself when I do dream. But it is usually frustrating not enlightening

  7. Same as Alex. I too am always me but I am me having an adventure of some kind.

  8. Yes, like most people, I am always me.

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  9. I'm sometimes the one in the dream and at other times I'm just watching events.

  10. I'm usually very much the participant in my dreams. Only occasionally am I *experiencing* things as if from the outside looking in.

  11. I don't think i see myself in my dreams. I am a passive observer. Sometimes a victim, sometimes in trouble, sometimes angry etc. but i do not see myself visually in my dreams.

  12. I often remember what I'm doing in my dreams because it's usually something weird or memorable, like telling a coworker to put more than 2 onion slices on sandwich.

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  13. I'm often aware of myself and my role in my dreams, other times I just seem to be warily watching.

  14. Since i'm going through the stuff in the dream, i don't think about myself so much, just as i don't when i'm going through things while awake.