Tuesday, April 4, 2017

D – Deep Space Exploration, IWSG and #AtoZChallenge

Folks, we’re going into Deep Space sooner rather than later. Governments and private industry such as SpaceX, Virgin Atlantic and Blue Origin are gearing up to make a deep push to place humans past our moon to Mars and into the asteroid belt and beyond. 

People are already volunteering and training to make a one-way trip to Deep Space and work and live there without returning to Earth. But first colonies will need to be built. We can send water and supplies years ahead of people. 

But we will need construction materials. Some will be readily available. Capturing asteroids and crashing them to the surface to mine is another option. 

Deep Space travel will not be limited to Governments and companies led by Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezoz. Commercial flight is in the drawing board. Virgin Atlantic is billing itself as the world’s First Commercial Spaceline. SpaceX is planning on sending two private civilians on a trip around the moon in 2018. 

Inevitably, we will see a team of college students launch someone into space. The volunteer will probably be a frat boy drunk off their @$$ and wake up to find themselves orbiting the earth. Who knows, maybe in the near future a kid will win a science fair somewhere in rural Indiana by sending a classmate into space, orbit the earth, then land safely. 

IWSG Do you ever feel a sense of urgency to finish a project because you think someone else is doing something similar and will bring it to market before you and it will be a smashing success? I deal with this about once a month. Sometimes more. I wonder if other people experience the same concern? 

Question if you had the opportunity, would you take a commercial space flight? Ever think someone will beat you to market with a similar story?

Thursday E is for Extinctions on the Horizon

Friday F is for Floating Skyscraper 

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