Monday, April 18, 2016

P is for Prophetic Dreams, Progressive Dreams and Places (setting)

Prophetic Dreams You see the future through your dream. Not every future dream is prophetic. It may or may not come to pass. If it does, that doesn’t necessarily make it prophetic. But you have to ask yourself, what are the chances of it coming to pass? If they are quite slim, you need to do a reality check and ask yourself, was that a prophetic dream? 

Progressive Dreams These dreams can be classified as sequels and occur in part over a period of time. They generally focus on solving a problem or exploring approaches to a situation or even solution. For whatever reasons, these dreams occur fragmented over a period of time but can be pieced together like a jig-saw puzzle to make sense to the dream. 

Places (setting) Jung and others have proposed the setting in which a dream takes places is the symbol of the person's state of being and life. It’s a map of how you see yourself. Large building might represent big endeavors. A setting in disarray might mean confusion or turmoil. There could be a street intersection or a fork in the road at a place you once lived as a child. 

Honorable Mention Package, People and Purple 

Tomorrow Q is for Quarantine, Queen and Quicksand