Sunday, April 24, 2016

U is for Universe, Underwater and Unicorns

Universe These dreams are incredible and amazing. These are big dreams that are fueled by big thinkers who see endless opportunities, even if their current life may be stuck in a rut. 

Underwater Most dream experts agree being underwater means you’ve lost control of your life and need to take immediate corrective action. Often emotions are the drivers of these dreams. 

Some will view a dream like this as negative. But it’s all about perspective. Dreams like this are a warning and actually give you direction. They shout out for you to take action now and once you do you’ll be able to breathe freely and tread water once again. 

Unicorns I know there are a lot of unicorn fans out there so I had to include this. I’ve never dreamt of a unicorn but other people have. From what I’ve read a dream with a unicorn has almost always been positive and signifies hope and dreams and even power that is to be used in a good way. 

Honorable Mention U-turn, underwater and UFO 

Tomorrow’s Post V is for Visitations, Vehicles and Venting

Question Had any universal dreams or dreams with unicorns?