Thursday, April 21, 2016

S is for Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is the phenomena of being conscious but not being able to move. Some have described it similar to waking up dead because their mind is awake but their body is not. 

During REM sleep the brain tells the body’s voluntary muscles to relax. They enter a state of near paralysis called atonia and this state protects your body from acting out physical movements in your dreams and preventing injury. 

When atonia does not happen people can act out their dreams and thrash about or even sleep walk. However, sleep paralysis happens when you begin to wake up but your body remains in REM atonia. Hence, people sometimes feel like they are waking up dead. 

Some people claim to have hallucinations between sleep and waking up. This can add to an already panicked state of sleep paralysis. No Worries Experts tell us this is completely natural and there is no need to worry. You’re not in any physical danger although you might be scared silly for thirty seconds or so. Experts also tell us to try and sleep better overall to counter sleep paralysis. 

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Question Have you experienced sleep paralysis, herky-jerky movements while dreaming, or sleep walking?