Sunday, April 17, 2016

O is for Orange

Colors They play an important role in dreams and any possible interpretation. Me, I look to the Bible to see what colors mean there, and then seek out if there is a correlation to colors in my dreams. 

Example In general, blue should be viewed as a heavenly color. Crimson is used to describe fine materials and sin. Green is a symbol of natural growth and life. Purple represents royalty.

However Not all colors have a specific or even a general meaning in the Bible. Not even a mention. Orange is one of them. I had a dream that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was from God (and these dreams are the exception rather than the norm). 

I was an astronaut (childhood ambition) inside a capsule colored mainly in orange with white highlights headed for deep space. Our outfits were also orange with white highlights. Think Matt Damian on The Martian, and my dream occurred about a year before the movie was released. The resemblance is uncanny. See tomorrow's post P is for Prophetic Dream.

We were so ahead of the times in every category speeding toward our goal to wherever the heck it was we were going. That was the dream and nothing more. 

Meaning Was Simple Orange is not used in the Bible. So I looked at the next best thing which is God’s handiwork; his creation. And in his creation orange is the color of harvest or autumn or sunset. And these are the end of a season or day of hard work. The key word that stood out: Harvest.

So I sought and felt a deep conviction that this was the interpretation of the dream. And yes, things are coming to pass that I will most certainly call a harvest to all my hard work over the past years with more in the works. 

Side Note If you don’t harvest the fruits of your, a thief might steal what you so diligently worked for, or your harvest will rot in the fields. So if you see orange prominent in a dream, you may be rocketing toward a harvest for all your hard work over the years. 

Honorable Mention Oasis, Ocean and Outer Space 

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Question Have you had dreams related to a harvest from all your hard work? Orange may or may not be involved. A mature wheat field flowing in the winds on a prairie could mean the same thing.