Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for Knowing (Intuitive Dreams)

Knowing or Intuitive Dreams You wake up from a dream and you can skip sorting through what the heck was that. You do not need any interpretation from anyone. You just know what it means without a shadow of doubt. No room for error. You can’t kid yourself even if you tried. 

A dream like this, you know exactly what it means. Don’t try to BS me or yourself or someone else. This type of dream can be related to an epic dream (scroll down for E is for Epic Dream) or not, as epic dreams sometimes need some level of interpretation. 

It's Okay. You Often Know and Don't Need an Interpreter
Knowing or Intuitive Dreams are generally directed for you and you only, although another person or event could be the focus of this dream. But yeah, if you have one, it’s probably specifically for you and you know exactly what it means. You don't need to tell anyone else if you don't want to.

Honorable Mention Karate, Key, and Kiss.

Tomorrow’s Post L is for Lucid Dreams (False Awakenings). Oh yeah, you’ll want to stop by for this one! 

Question Have you had a Knowing or Intuitive Dream where you raise the white flag and say okay this is specific and I know exactly what it means?