Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder In the book of Genesis this is a stairway to heaven that the biblical Patriarch Jacob dreamt about when he was running from his brother Esau, and angels ascended and descended the ladder. The purpose is believed to have identified Jacob with the obligations and inheritance of the ethnic people chosen by God. 

Jacob's Ladder In Dreams represents a two-way path between heaven and earth. It’s your connection between your spiritual and physical side. 

I used Jacob’s Ladder toward the end of an epic battle of my Breakthrough series where science meets the supernatural: 

Chase couldn’t take his eyes off what he knew was an angelic being. Now there was someone who had been in one mean and nasty fight. He could really take a punch. 

Chase didn’t think a being so resplendent could look any worse. The three angels looked upward as another portal opened. A ladder dropped. Smaller but no less amazing creatures ascended and descended. They helped the three mighty beings scale the rungs upward, and as that portal closed shut, one more earthquake shook the region. 

Honorable Mention Jesus, Jail, and Jewelry 

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Okay, So It's A Movie Not A Book

Question Have you borrowed something from a dream (yours or someone else’s) and used it in your books?