Sunday, April 10, 2016

I is for Interpretations of Dreams

Interpretations of Dreams I hear and read a lot about interpretation of dreams. But let’s be clear, not every dream needs interpreting. Dreams can originate from that monster grande burrito with el-scorcho sauce you ate before going to bed. Little or no interpretation required. 

Dreams can simply be the result of your brain sorting through the day’s events or things you are going through. Some interpretation may be required. Then there are dreams that come from a higher source. For me, that higher source is God. Interpretation definitely required (Except for Knowing or Intuitive Dreams which is Tuesday's post)

Muy Importante Specific things in dreams like colors and setting can be relevant to a person’s culture, religion, heritage or other personal beliefs which could be very much different than your own.  
A Different Spin I do not have the time here to go into interpretation. But I did have an epiphany while writing this post. Sometimes things in your dream that could use a good ol’ fashioned interpretation can be meant for the person doing the interpreting to understand, then explain what it means to you. 

The colors and setting is something they know what it means. What I’m saying is the dream is dreamt in the way the interpreter can make sense of, then turn it around and explain it to you. 

Sure, there are wise people who have above-average insight when it comes to dreams and can do a pretty good job at interpreting some of the stuff in some dreams. 

However I have met a handful of people, just a few, that have this gift in a most powerful way. State your dream to them in thirty seconds or less, and they can tell you exactly what it means. They do this consistently with incredible mind-boggling accuracy.

Honorable Mention Illness or Death, Illumination, and Imprisonment 

Tomorrow J is for Jacob’s Ladder 

Question Do you, or have you sought someone or used Google, to help interpret a dream?