Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dreams: F is for Falling and Flying

Falling I used to dream a lot that I was falling from ludicrous heights in all types if settings. It’s generally believed that if you fall without fear then you are going through challenging times but are not afraid and are overcoming great obstacles. 

However, if you free fall and are scared $h!+!e$$ then you are anything but in control of the things you are going through. I’ve had far too many of the latter dream, but fortunately it’s been many years since I’ve had one. 

Flying Flying is one of the Top Ten 10 Dreams people claim to have. To dream that you are flying signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited. 

Unfortunately for me, my flying always turned into a terrifying free fall (see above Falling Dream). 

Honorable Mention Farm, Farting (had to get that in) and Food.

Tomorrow G is for G.

Question Flying or falling? Do you or have you had these dreams?