Sunday, April 3, 2016

C is for Compensatory Dreams and Colors

Compensatory Dreams Some dreams reveal the “dark side” of our personality. This does not infer evil; it refers to what Jung described as the shadow-self. The parts of ourselves we repress. An example might be a Nun who dreams she is promiscuous. Such dreams are designed to balance our personality and give vent to emotions we would not usually seek to experience. Reference 

Colors A quick note regarding colors. They can be relevant to a person’s culture, religion, heritage or other personal beliefs which could be very much different than your own. I use colors in a dream in Salem’s Daughters. Here’s a quick clip of an American Indian staying at the bed and breakfast interpreting the first of Bob Stevens’ (protagonist) three consecutive dreams: 

Bob Stevens: “Okay. I’m eating breakfast and everything in my world is blue. I’m sitting by a lake and there are two guardian angels, one male and one female.” 

Joseph Meicigama “Your first dream is easy to interpret. The guardian angels represent your parents who act as spiritual guides. Blue represents grace, hope, heaven, truth, and wisdom. These are what your mother and father imparted for your young life’s journey. And the setting is breakfast. This tells of your youth until you left home.” 

Honorary Mention Comedy, Communication and Compass 

Tomorrow D is for Daydreams and Downloads
Just Gotta Let It Go

Question Do you let dreams get you down? Don't. They're not meant to. Dig a little deeper and you'll find dreams are often a way of helping you sort through stuff you are hanging onto but should release. Like a balloon. Let go, watch it fly away and say, "Buh bye."