Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Biblical Dreams

The Bible records dozens of dreams and they all have specific meanings that often need interpretation from a very wise person or directly from God. 

They came while people were sleeping (dreams) or wide awake (visions). Some dreams were personal or affected one’s offspring while other dreams were directed at kings from mighty nations. Some dreams saved the individual’s life while others saved entire regions. 

One such is recorded in Genesis. Joseph was not only a dreamer, he later became an interpreter of other people’s dreams. Later in life Joseph interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh and instructed him there would be seven years of extreme abundance followed by seven years of extreme drought. 

Egypt saved enough grain during the seven years of plenty to not only endure the drought but help those from surrounding areas buy food from them and survive. 

Honorable Mention Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Black, Black and White (more on colors later in the A to Z Challenge). 

Monday’s Post C is for Compensatory Dreams and Colors.

Question Do you think dreams can come from a higher source and that they have specific meaning regarding your life or someone else’s life?