Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Lucid Dream

Lucid Dreams: A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. It usually happens while you are dreaming the dream. 

But let’s take this a step deeper. In this type of dream you have the ability, at least to an extent, to control your thoughts and actions as well as your surroundings. It’s like being awake and conscious inside your dream. Freaky. 

Great Movie on Lucid Dreaming
I’ve had a handful of dreams like this, although it’s been a while. I remember one vividly. A very good friend (ahem) was working behind the scenes to take me down and out in real life. I had a dream I was in combat with this person on a regulation mat and we were using martial arts against each other. 

I’ve had some martial arts training but nothing to brag about. But in the dream I was very much awake and had to act, react, defend myself, and take the offensive. I made conscious and awesome decisions to not only protect myself from the onslaught, but to let this person know there was a price to be paid for messing with me. 

True story. I'll take this willingly to my personal Judgment Day and give an account for it.

Question: Have you had any dreams like this. Dreams that you not just dreaming of some really strange $h!+, but that you are aware and can consciously effect and even control the dream?

Tomorrow: M is for Movies. Stop by and tell us your favorite supernatural and paranormal movies!

Honorable Mention: Levitation, Lycanthropy