Tuesday, February 5, 2019

2019 IWSG

Hello everyone and as always thanks for stopping by. These are the co-hosts for October 2018’s Insecure Writers Support Group brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh and his team of co-hosts: Raimey Gallant, Natalie Aguirre, CV Grehan, Michelle Wallace

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February 6 Question Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have? 

I love writing speculative fiction and blogs. That can be said about most if not all of us. 

But I also write online courses. I have for almost 20 years. I remember my manager at the time encouraging me to take online courses. This was back in dial-up modem days. 

I flipped through the catalog and knew I could teach many of these classes. I took a yellow marker and highlighted every course that was NOT offered online (some were physical classroom, some online and some both). Then I took a black pen and crossed out every class I could not or did not want to teach (like under water basket weaving). 

What was left were physical classroom courses I could teach and pitched the school. They took a chance and rolled the dice with me and that was the start of me becoming an online instructor. 

I branched out on with my personal online courses with mixed results. I’ve recently brought these into the 21st century and transitioned from written content to videos. I’m currently in the editing stage. I’m super doper excited to have my beta people review selected segments and give me their feedback, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

Question Does your writing expand beyond novels and blogs? If so, what are they? Thanks in advance for sharing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January 2019 IWSG

Hello everyone and as always thanks for stopping by. These are the co-hosts for January 2019’s Insecure Writers Support Group brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh and his team of co-hosts: Patricia Lynne, Lisa-Buie Collard, Kim Lajevardi, and Fundy Blue. Be sure to stop by their blogs and give them some love. 

January 2 question - What are your favorite and least favorite questions people ask you about your writing? 

My favorite question about my writing Where do I get my inspiration. And I'm off and running.

Inspiration is Everywhere I never have writer’s block. Why? Because I find inspiration wherever I go. The inspiration for my novel, Salem's Daughters came from the nocturnal cats at my parents' one-hundred-year-old house, who learned to stand and use their paws to open doors. Sleeping in my old bedroom while visiting on vacation, all I saw and heard was the old glass style door knobs rattling, then the door opening before the cats dropped to the carpet out of my sight. Spooky! 

The next day we drove the two-lane roads of southern Michigan. The scenery along the north branch of the Kalamazoo River was beautiful. With vivid imagery, my parents told me of their childhood and their life and times as kids growing up there. 

We happened upon a very old dilapidated farmhouse and barn that looked so creepy I thought the property might very well be haunted. During that twenty-four period the cats, the incredible imagery along the Kalamazoo River, and the spooky old ramshackle house and barn was all it took, and Salem's Daughters was born. 

It’s that easy to be inspired with ideas from your everyday surroundings if you simply learn to recognize what’s going on around you! 

What’s my least favorite question people ask about my writing? If I will read their non-researched and unedited manuscript. I am nice but blunt and tell them they can give me a synopsis of a page or two and I’ll tell them if I think it’s a good idea. But no way am I reading 100 pages of loose random thoughts.

Question What did you do for New Years Eve? here's what I did.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

2018 December IWSG

Hello everyone and as always thanks for stopping by. These are the co-hosts for October 2018’s Insecure Writers Support Group brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh and his team of co-hosts: J.H. Moncrieff, Tonja Drecker, Patsy Collins, Chrys Fey. Be sure to stop by their blogs and show them some love. 

December 5 question - What are five objects we'd find in your writing space? 

Writing the next great American novel

1. A kick-ass computer system 
2. Pack of Newport cigarettes 
3. Ash tray 
4. Coffee cup with three-day old coffee in it 
5. Me, rockin’ it of course 

I'm sure glad this month's question is not 'What or who is buried in your backyard.'

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October 2018 IWSG

Hello and as always thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Muchos gracias and I cannot thank you enough. This month’s IWSG is brought to you by IWSG brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh and his team of co-hosts Dolorah @ Book Lovers, Christopher D. Votey, Tanya Miranda and Chemist Ken. Be sure to stop by and give them some love.

October 3 Question How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something? 

I write therefore I am.

Regardless of what is transpiring in my life, good or bad, I write. I take time off from writing throughout the year that adds up to 30 - 60 days but this is due to burnout and fatigue rather than life events. 

Yes I do write to help me get through the difficult times as well as enjoy the good ones. I’m big on finding balance in my life and writing helps me get through challenging times by bringing peace of mind to help balance days when it seems like the powers of darkness conspire together and attack. 

I incorporate them into my books as internal and external conflict my characters go through. One example is Chase Manhattan. He is a giving kind of guy but still self-centered even when he doesn’t realize it. 

This is part of his character arc and he learns to overcome by getting outside of himself and helping those less fortunate than himself. 

Question Do you use personal conflicts as part of your character arcs?

Thursday, September 6, 2018

September 2018 IWSG

Hello everyone and as always thanks for stopping by, This month’s September 2018 Insecure Writer’s Support Group is brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh and his gang of co-horts Toi Thomas, T. Powell Coaltrin, M.J. Fifield and Tara Tyler

This Month’s Question ‘What publishing path are you considering/did you take, and why?’ 

Me, I’m going solo these days on a number of different projects. It’s all good. This business can be feast or famine and right now I’m experiencing feast. Time to strike and feast when the coals are hot. I don’t mind paying the middle man one bit whatsoever. 

Who remembers this commercial? Ugh! I wish I had not but could not find a better image.

But it is working out the doors from the Good Lord above are shining down directly upon me and I’m very much thankful for that supply and abundance. 

Question What publishing path are you taking these days and why?

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July 2018 IWSG, 2018 Raleigh SuperCon and Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

Hello everyone, as always thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

The July 2018 IWSG brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh and his team of co-hosts Erika Beebe, Sandra Hoover, Susan Gourley and Lee Lowery

July 2018 Question What pitfalls would you warn other writers to avoid on their publication journey? 

A few things. 

First We’re in this for the long haul. My books took a couple revisions after first publication, although the following novels were much easier to write. Few experience instant success enough to quit their day job right away. It’s a journey filled with peaks and valleys, a roller coaster ride of emotions. But stay with it. You’re in it for the long haul. 

The last thing you want to do is lay on your death bed wondering, “What if ...” 

Second Make time for your loved ones and get their support before you begin your endeavor. The last thing you want is for them to see nothing but the back of your head as you spend much of your free time sitting in front of your monitor researching, writing and revising. 

Finally Have fun. Yes your journey will be an emotional roller coaster, but hey, roller coasters are meant to be fun. So have fun!

I love to see my fellow and fellowette Blogtonians and their success stories. Here's L. Diane Wolfe at the 2018 Raleigh SuperCon.

Be sure to stop by her blog for lots of pics and such from this event. 

Question Do you have plans to join, participate or be a visitor at any ComicCon or reader festival in the near future?

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July IWSG and the 2018 Roswell UFO Festival

Hello everyone and as always thanks for stopping by and saying hello! The July 2018 IWSG is brought to you by Alex J. Cavanaugh and his team of co-hosts Nicki Elson, Juneta Key, Tamara Narayan and Patricia Lynn

July 3 question What are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time (if at all)? 

Mine are the same as they have always been; write more books. I’ve taken on a few side hustles but am about ready to jump right back into some really cool projects that I’ve done most of the research and grunt work. I have a timeline and it should be smooth sailing from here. 

2018 Roswell UFO Festival The annual 2018 Roswell UFO Festival in Roswell New Mexico follows the Fourth of July and takes place July 5 – 8. This event hosts tens of thousands of people (and aliens?) every year. In fact, there were 38,000 visitors last year. 

The City of Roswell invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration of one of the most debated incidents in history. The three-day event will feature guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, a costume contest, parade, a pet costume contest, parade, family-friendly activities and more. 

The majority of big events are free. These include the Free Movie, Pet and Human Costume Contests, Light Parade and so much more. No charge to take selfies in the NASA suit, free alien autopsies, alien hat making and crafts. Some of the vendors, the UFO Museum and the Roswell Planetarium charge nominal fees. 

Question What are your ultimate writing goals? And do you believe we are alone in this universe or is there intelligent life from beyond our solar system and are they here somewhere?