Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for Illuminism

Need a Path to Enlightenment? How about Illuminism, the belief that you or a movement of a particular group has superior knowledge not accessible to humankind in general. Of course, the name Illuminati comes to mind. If the group(s) does exist, most imagine that they conspire to control world affairs by controlling governments, corporations and global events. 

According to conspiracy theories, the Illuminati want to attain political power establish a New World Order. At least, this is how Hollywood portrays secret societies that also include Free Masonry and the Bilderberg Group. 

Signs and symbols (please visit my S is for Signs and Symbols post) run rampant through our society and many such as what you see on the front and back of our currency are attributed to secret societies. Enlightened groups who are far superior intellectually and spiritually than the common folk like you and me. 

Question: Do you believe groups exist like the Iluminati, Free Masonry, and the Bilderberg Group that try to control world events and want to usher in a New World Order?

Honorable Mention: Immortals, I Ching 

Tomorrow: J is for Judgment