Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Dream Communications

Dreams: Where to begin? I could blog on this topic alone for a solid year and only scratch the surface. 

As far back as we have written records, there have been accounts of unusual phenomena occurring in connection with dreams. Dream interpretation is something I find fascinating and have studied for decades. But that is a blog series for another day. 

Let’s go a bit deeper. What are the sources of dreams? Where do they come from? Within the person? God? An outside source? That bad burrito you ate before going to sleep? Ah, another blog series for another day. 

Salem's Daughters: In my upcoming book Salem’s Daughters, one of the witches possesses the ability to cause other people to not only dream, but prophecy their future. She has no idea what the dream or the future of that person is. The prophecy in the dream is revealed the next day when the person wakes up and tells it to someone else. This allows me lots of liberties with the character and plot twists and turns. 

Honorable Mentions: Demon, Déjà vu, Divination, Dragon, Doppleganger 

Monday: E is for ESP