Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Virgin Galactic

Care to take a flight into space? As a civilian, of course. Why not? The opportunity is right on the horizon.

Virgin Galactic, part of Sir Richard Branson's incredible vision (and perhaps madness), plans to make available sub-orbital flights for the general public, for space science missions, and for orbital launches of small satellites. Well, at least for those who can afford it. here's the cost breakdown for tourists:

Pioneer Astronaut – The Earliest Available Seat
Deposit - US$200k full payment up front Our most popular reservation and nearly sold out Join the community of over 500 future astronauts Secure one of the last remaining seats among the first 500 to fly Expect to be among the first 1000 humans to have travelled to space Priority access to Galactic events, milestones and trips Pioneer welcome and confirmation package 
Guarantee the price of $200k for your spaceflight
Voyager Astronaut – Join the Waiting List for a Later Seat
Deposit - $20k Join the community of over 500 future astronauts Secure a spot on the waiting list after the first 500 to fly Take part in the Galactic milestones, events and trips Voyager welcome and confirmation package 
Guarantee the price of $200k for your spaceflight
Spaceship Charter
$1 millionAn exclusive spaceflight for you and up to 5 friendsPioneer status for all 6 seats
6 seats for the price of 5
Spaceport America
Yes, our world is changing before our very eyes. Gotta love Branson's vision, "Screw it, let's do it!"
So be the first on your block to reserve your spot as an astronaut. Just think of the bragging rights you can have at your annual Fourth of July block party. I double dog dare anyone to top this exploit! Especially that nosey Gladys Kravitz across the street (bonus points for who identifies this character). 


  1. Great V post, Sir Richard Branson certainly have an air for adventure.


  2. Good luck to everyone who has managed to secure a seat!!

  3. Six seats for the price of five of course - got to take advantage of those specials!

  4. i bought a bootleg ticket... i should have been an astronaut.

  5. I never would have imagined we would get to a point where this was possible! Amazing. :)

  6. Now flying in space is a rocket is one of the scariest things I can think of. I have have numerous nightmares where one of my duties here on Earth was to go in space for some reason and I could not get out of the deal. I woke terrified each time.
    Coooool post--now I'm sweating... :P
    Visiting from A to Z:

  7. I would love to be able to do this. Unlikely for me, a because of my age and b because of lack of money. Ah Well.


  8. I'd settle for the third batch of 500.

  9. Very cool and very exciting. At the same time, way too pricey.

  10. Hi Stephen .. I actually don't want to do this - yes I'd like to see - but the 'sweat' of getting there would be too much .. I'm very happy watching the tv screen and seeing it through others' eyes ...

    Cheers Hilary