Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Signs and Symbols

Signs and Symbols: Where do we begin? They’ve been around since mankind first walked the Earth. They’re on flags and banners and T-shorts. They herald something people can flock to, associate themselves with, and form an alliance. 

At it's core, signs and symbols simply stands for something, anything, and can represent religions, nations, cultures, armies, factions, and causes. They can illicit emotion that cause people to draw a line in the sand and take sides. Even fight, kill, and die for. 

Here in the U.S. there are signs and symbols in abundance that the builders of our country have attached to our society and culture. Just do a Google search on the dollar bill sometime. They way cities are laid out. Architecture. Dan Brown made a pretty darn good career out of signs and symbolism.

Honorable Mention: Séance, Shaman, Specter, Spirit, Spiritualism, Supernatural 

Tomorrow: T is for Telepathy 

Question: How many of the signs and symbols below can you identify?