Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Out of Body Experience

Astral Projection: An out-of-body experience is achieved either awake, via lucid dreaming, or deep meditation. You remove your consciousness from your physical body and decide to go wherever you want. Some say you are attached to your body by a silver chord. 

Dangers: Your body is unprotected. While you are out and about, someone can come in and murder your body. Then you’re trapped on the outside forever or you pass on into the afterlife, for better or worse. There is also the concern a powerful being like a demon or your dead Ex from another dimension can attack you while astral projecting. 

Salem's Daughters: I use astral projection as a power one of the witches possess in my upcoming book Salem’s Daughters. She has to hide her cat body while she astral projects so someone at the bed and breakfast does not happen upon it and bury it in the yard.

Honorable Mention: Orb, Occult, Ouija Board, Old Hag Syndrome

Tomorrow: P is for Paranormal vs. Supernatural