Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Haunted House

Love That Selfie!!!
Have you ever been in a haunted house? How does a house become haunted? I’m convinced it comes down to a matter of authority. A presence has a legal right to remain there. Sometimes it’s possible to take authority and kick that presence out. Other times, it simply doesn’t work that way and the presence remains. 

I mentioned in my post F is for Footsteps there was a house my wife worked at as private duty home health care for an elderly woman. I would visit often and we would hear and sense footsteps. True story. We tried to take authority and kick it out but could not. Whatever it was maintained a legal right to be there. All we could do is keep it at bay. It could only approach the door of the room we were in but could not come any further. 

Who You Gonna Call?
There was a second client wifey had a couple years ago with a similar situation, although this presence was mean and violent and did not like men. So my wife, her client, and our daughters were okay. Me, well, that’s another story. I literally got wholloped by this thing. We would bring our small dog as the client loved the little guy, and he would bark madly moments before this thing would attack me. The dog, also a male, was not welcomed in this house. Whatever was going on, this presence yielded far more authority than the previous house. 

So there it is. What allows a house to be haunted? A certain level of authority. Most likely, there was a previous event that occurred, perhaps occultic in nature, that allows the presence to set up shop and remain there. 

Question: Ever been in a haunted house? Do you think a presence can physically attack people? Can animals like a dog can detect a presence in a haunted house? 

Honorable Mention: Horoscope, Hydromancy, Hypnosis 

Tomorrow: I is for Illuminism