Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Footsteps

Many of us have heard them. Footsteps. In the attic. Or the next room. We could be awake or asleep. We check our surroundings and do a quick inventory of who should be in the house and where they are. You conclude everyone is accounted for. Except for whoever or whatever is making the footsteps. 

You sweep the house and check for burglars. All is well. Until you her those footsteps again. Along with hearing voices, audible sounds like footsteps are downright spooky. 

My wife is a CNA and does private duty home health care. My kids and I visit as the elderly are often lonely and enjoy the company. We've heard footsteps too many times to count in one particular house and they would always stop short of entering the room we were in. True story. More on this when I do H is for Haunted Houses. 

E is for Exorcism: If you haven't checked out my post from Monday on the A to Z blog, you can do so by Clicking Here. This was a fun post with no shortage of views in the comments.

Question: Have you ever heard footsteps? Was there a point they could come no further? What did you do?

Honorable Mention: Fairies, Faith Healing, Fallen Angels 

Tomorrow: G is for Ghost.