Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 Foodie Blog Tour and Bloghop, Fuzzy Navel, and Other Fun Stuff

2014 Foodie Blog Tour and Bloghop: Sponsored by H. R. Sinclair to celebrate the release of her new cook book 365 Nights. The objective of this BlogHop? Post about food: 

--a fond food memory 
--a disaster in the kitchen 
--your favorite recipe 
--pictures of food 
--anything food related 

These days wifey and I are juicing a lot. We have a jack LaLane juicer and throw whatever fresh organic produce we have in it. Mainly veggies. I’ve found adding Granny Smith apples, limes, and ginger root takes the edge of purely vegetable drink. We’re feeling better, losing those pounds that sneak up on us, and are replacing meals with processed food with fresh produce. 

To download 365 Nights: CLICK HERE 

What I’m Reading: My first J.A. Konrath book. As many of you know, Konrath has sold over a million ebooks by self publishing, although I believe he has since had a publisher for a recent release. 

A particular series about the character Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels, a Chicago detective, is named after mixed drinks. I found Fuzzy Navel as a free promotion and downloaded it. About a third the way into it I can see why Konrath has sold so many downloads. Review upcoming. 

BTW, a Fuzzy Navel is equal amounts of peach schnapps and orange juice. No Jack Daniels, though. Add vodka, and you have yourself a Hairy Navel. Me, I’ll just stick to the wine when writing. You can check out words of writing, publishing, and selling ebooks wisdom from Konrath HERE

IWSG: This Wednesday is IWSG. With NaNo kicking into high gear, this is a great venue for participants of the event to chime in their thoughts. 

Steve’s Science And Other Fun Stuff: And be sure to stop by the Blogging A to Z Challenge website the first and third Wednesday of each month where I post something in the latest and greatest realms of science and such. These posts are timely, informative, and downright interesting. This month is no exception. Just click on Einstein’s image at the top left of my sidebar this Thursday. 

Recap: Are you doing NaNo this year? Read any of J. A. Konrath’s books or checked out his thoughts on publishing? Have any books you’re writing that you’ll wrap up by year’s end?