Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weekend Follies and the 2015 Blogging A to Z Team!!!

Hey all, as always thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I greatly appreciate it. We only have a couple of items to note today. 

First Up: Take a moment and stop by Blogging A to Z Challenge and meet the 2015 Challenge Team. There will be some familiar faces (mine) and some new ones. So stop by, introduce yourself, and say hello. 

And remember, it’s never too early to pick a theme and begin outlining a few posts. Me, I have my theme. And I have a Word document with the letters A to Z in descending order. Most of my topics have been identified and outlined. 

Weekend Follies: So I leave you with a few chuckles of cats and Ninja Kitty. Enjoy!

And here's a clip of Ninja Kitty that's been circulating Facebook for a while. Enjoy!



  1. Anything to do with A to Z is of great interest to me, Pleased you are on the team to keep us in order.
    Loved the pictures. Great post.

  2. Hi Stephen - it's great news to see so many oldies and newbies ... I shall definitely be posting - just not able to help 2015 ... it's a great time with so many old friends and meeting up with new bloggers ...

    So pleased Murcat Manor is going so well - and has given you a break from Chase Manhattan ... cheers Hilary

  3. Crap, I don't have a theme yet!
    The new Challenge Team is going to rock it next year.
    Had not seen the Ninja Cat. That was funny.

  4. Will consider the A -Z challenge. Nice to be back in the blogging world and writing, and reconnecting

  5. The puzzle one would be funny except we've had that happen before.

  6. I like having fun with these pics, most I find on Facebook. Gives me some humor and inspiration as I write the story.

  7. Hi, Stephen,

    I'm definitely going to start planning early for 2015.

  8. That cat video was hilarious! Love the pictures, too :)

  9. Whooboy! Already planning for 2015? I can barely think past today!

    Great cat pictures. Love the video. :)

  10. You already have your A to Z outlined and ready to go????? You're really a robot, aren't you. :P

    I do think I might be participating this year. Might even have a little theme in mind, though I'm nowhere near close to having a topic for any letter of the alphabet yet. Silly human.

  11. Love the cats, seen most of them I think. But they are always funny. Surprised you didn't say anything about the comet landing.

    1. Jo, I mentioned it in my previous post. I had pre-written this one before it landed. Updates this Monday!

  12. Have to have that theme for A to Z. It coincides with Murcat Manor and I'm going to have a lot of fun with it. It's a departure in some sense, but as I think about it there is definitely science behind it.

  13. I am impressed that you are ready for the A-Z! Way to be organized. :)

  14. I'm ready for A to Z.

    One of my cats is a Ninja Kitty. It's so freaky that when I play peek-a-boo, he stops every time I stick my head out.

  15. That Ninja Kitty was fun. Cats are no shortage of entertainment.