Sunday, May 5, 2013

A to Z Reflections Post and More!!!

A to Z Reflections: I had a truly amazing theme to share regarding the latest and greatest breakthroughs that science was on the cusp of discovering. The WOW! factor was there for all to behold and be amazed. 

But as you know, Google shut me down days before A to Z (see previous post). I had to rewrite almost all my posts on the fly as I was traveling the first two weeks of April. And I had numerous other challenges I had to overcome once I came home. What a crazy month. Ugh!

Long story short, I think I was going through a test. No way all these events could ocurr by themselves. Call it a mid-stream gut check as to what's truly important in life as I near the end of my third book Escalation. And I think I passed. I've been restored.

Although my A to Z was a shell of what it could have been, the posts will give birth to some awesome and amazing mini-series. These will take me through the rest of the year and challenge your perception of your world and your place in it. Be prepared!

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NASA depiction of a GRB

Did You Know: According to  NASA, on April 27th a record-setting blast of gamma rays from a dying star in a distant galaxy has wowed astronomers around the world. The eruption, which is classified as a gamma-ray burst, or GRB, produced the highest-energy light ever detected from such an event. The GRB lasted so long that a record number of telescopes on the ground were able to catch it while space-based observations were still ongoing. 

NASA believes this GRB heralded the death of a star 30 times the mass of our sun and will likely birth a new black hole. Cool stuff!!!  

Fun Fact: Scientists believe we can only see about five percent of all matter in the universe. The rest is made up of invisible matter (Dark Matter) and a mysterious for of energy (called Dark Energy). Yes, this is another mini-series in the making. Stay tuned!

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