Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quantum Computers

We’ve all been hearing about quantum computers. Are we on the cusp of a new Age, an Age of Quantum Information that will leave the Stone Age, Copper and Bronze Age, Iron Age, Renaissance Technology, Age of Exploration, Industrial Age, and the previous Information in light years in its dust?
Let’s take a closer look ..... 
When it comes to data crunching, quantum computers will leave today's fastest processors in the dust.
For starters, a quantum computer would be able to store more bits of information in its memory than there are particles in the universe. And where a conventional silicon-based computer handles one computation at a time in sequence, a quantum computer would work on millions at once.
That kind of staggering power would give a single quantum computer the ability to simulate a whole world in a holographic environment, replicate biological systems to understand diseases and find cures, solve the loads of equations necessary to create extremely accurate weather forecasting and simulate how subatomic particles interact, showing fundamentally how everything in the universe works.
Several quantum computers linked together would make a quantum Internet so powerful that search engines would respond to queries almost like a human being, answering questions immediately and in any language.
In recent months, different groups of scientists and engineers have made important strides toward this amazing new world. They have built machines that can store quantum particles, control them, observe them and send them over fiber-optic cables.
Stay tuned folks. You haven’t seen anything yet!


  1. It's all very exciting. But I have this nagging feeling in the back of my skull that the more information/knowledge etc. we put into computers the more vulnerable we become to losing it. Because, after all, computers rely on some form of electricity...

  2. Could be a huge breakthrough. Could be Skynet. We'll find out!

  3. Hi Stephen .. it's all mind-boggling and I wonder if the Master Quantum Computer will get boggled too .. but so interesting to know about ..

    So much is happening isn't it .. cheers Hilary

  4. OMG, I hope I live long enough to see this! Sci-Fi reality! I really love your blog.Thanks for the clear explanations.

  5. I am having a bit of a problem with grasping cloud computing. Now you tell us about quantum computing. Not in my lifetime I suspect, but it is absolutely fascinating. As for relying on electricity, I suspect something else will be invented to take care of that problem.

  6. It's all beyond me!
    Thanks for hosting A-Z....Happy A-Z April!

  7. Now WHY am I not surprised that I would come to your site and find Q Is For Quantum Computers? LOL My hubby said Q-computers also have to function at REALLY cold temps (at least for now)....scientists are trying to get them to work at room temp. And they're really power-hungry, use a lot of power. :)

  8. Awe inspiring and a little frightening. Thinking Skynet. LOL

  9. Yay, my dreams of having a tech set up like Tony Stark lives. Huzzah for Quantum Computers.

  10. Mind boggling. Thanks for sharing.