Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Escalation Tour Stop Number Two: JL Campbell

Well, I have a full stomach. Thanks to Captain Alex and the Mrs. for hosting us and opening his living room to us. 

Today we're off to JL Campbell's Blog for a bit of wisdom wrapped in humor. Something to help us get through the day and passing it on to the next generation. 

So here we go using Dr. Evil's Time Machine. Grab a hold of Minnie Me's hand and don't let go. This is usually the pat of the blog tour we lose the most people. 

And tune in tomorrow as we visit Mary Pax's Spacedock 19 and NASA For Kids.


  1. Hey Stephen. I emailed you. My post for your tour is up now here:http://iurl.no/15v1s
    Damned scheduling wotsit didn't work yesterday. Grr. Hope it's all going well. X

  2. Yup, I talked about Escalation today too.

  3. Count me in! My Wormfest will be up on Wednesday.