Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekend Follies

Hi everyone. A big round of thanks for help, comments, and words of encouragement with my cover reveal this week.
On my mid-week post I blogged about how I came up with the concept art. Today, I thought I'd share what I did on Facebook in the days leading up to the release. This was a spontaneous fun way to let people know the cover reveal was coming, and have a little fun with it. 
Give me an E ....
Give me a S ....
Give me a C ...
Give me an ALATION ....
What's it spell?
ESCALATION!!! Cover release just five days away!
Great Scott! Only five days until the cover release of ESCALATION!!! Marty, set the flux capacitor to 1.21 gigawatts. We're going to the future to get a sneak peak!
ESCALATION Cover Reveal in just five days! Safe for the whole family. Except the wormholes.
That's right Sherman. Only four days left until the cover reveal for ESCALATION. Fortunately, we have the WABAC machine and can go into the future for a sneak peak!
Hey Babe, forget about the Most Interesting Man In The World. I can take you places he can't. Like four days into the future with my TARDIS to get a sneak peak of Stephen Tremp's cover reveal for ESCALATION.
Really, Steve? I promote your first two books to important and interesting people around the world. And you won't give me a sneak peak of the cover art for ESCALATION? Really?

Let's pass this budget. We don't want to miss the cover reveal of ESCALATION only three days away!

ESCALATION Cover Release only three days away? I think we'll wait for the movie so we can spoof it on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Dudes and Dudettes. We're off to get a sneak peak at the Escalation Cover Release three days from now. Excellent!!!

We may have no control over which world we end up in, but at least we got to see a sneak Preview of the cover art for ESCALATION!!!
I hear something ... a transmission from outer space ... it says ... Escalation Cover Release in just two more days!!!
Happy early Christmas. Its a sneak peak at the ESCALATION cover reveal only two days away.
Come Mini Me. We're off to get an evil sneak peak of ESCALATION due out tomorrow!

Don't worry, sir. We'll get a sneak peak at ESCALATION the old fashioned way. We'll break in and steal it.
Great! NASA spends all this money to get a sneak peak at ESCALATION Cover Reveal, and now the International Space Station is ruined and I'm floating aimlessly in space. George Clooney, where the heck are you?
Question: There has been talk around Blogdom regarding Cover Reveals and if they are effective any more, the concern being promo overload.
Have to admit, it has me thinking. I will help with Cover reveals through the rest of the year. Then in 2014 I will focus on more science and Sci-fi related posts. I have been getting away from my roots and trying to get back.
What are your thoughts on Cover Reveals as there sure are a lot (myself included) these days.


  1. That was awesome! Hopefully Mike and the Bots don't need to spoof your movie. Just don't let the SyFy Channel make it and you should be all right.
    Nice placement of your books with the Most Interesting Man.
    Yeah, there are a lot of opinions about the cover releases. I'm posting the results of the discussion on my blog tomorrow. I intend to do less as well. I'd like to get back to a little more of me on my own blog. Which also means more cool science fiction stuff.

    1. Alex, laughing at the ScyFy comment! Looking forward to the results tomorrow. And you owe it to yourself to "get back to you." There's a time to help other people, and a time to be a bit selfish and take care of Alex.

  2. Congratulations Stephen! Sharing your cover on my blog next Monday. :)

  3. This was a fun blog post. I'm glad people have been sharing their thoughts on the topic of cover reveal overload. I've been doing a lot of book spotlights on my blog and I think people are losing interest in see so many of them. I want to try and add more quest posts on my blog because it still supports authors, but in a different way where people are getting something more unique with the visit.

    1. Susanne, we're on the same page. On the one hand, you want to help people. On the other, you want to stay with what you began with. So I'll finish out 2013 and roll with the tide. But after the holidays I need to stick with a more science and Sci-fi theme.

  4. Good, I am glad you are going to do more science and sci fi. I love to read your reports of what's going on in the science world. I had my say about cover reveals on Alex's blog, but I do feel they help to stimulate interest, but if there are too many of them, one might get a bit tired of so many books and end up reading none of them. I already have 49 pages of titles on my Kindle. I can't imagine I will ever finish them.

    1. Jo, which can bring up the question, can too many cover reveals be counterproductive? By this I mean should we as writers place more focus on promoting out books beyond Blogdom and our social networks?

      Me, I'm thankful for the online friends that I have and the help they provide. But I understand I need to look beyond Blogdom and to new outlets if I am to successfully promote and sell my books.

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  6. I have to admit to be a little lost about cover reveals - but hey if that's what make peeps happy, then why not! You got one of my fave fave fave films here - Contact! I love that film!!!!!

    Huge congrats with your Escalation!!! Take care

  7. Excellent post Stephen, Escalation is everywhere good for you.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  8. I love the pic with your books in his hands. Good one.

    Cover reveals...While it's nice to see an author excited by their new artwork and book, I prefer to read something besides seeing just the cover and blurb splashed across 20 blogs. For one, it allows a reader something to draw them to the book and the author. Having a short something besides the blurb and cover also allows a read to comment on something, and it gives a reason to pick up the book. Maybe stagger it so three or four blogs show the cover and blurb and the rest have something interesting to read about the author or research lateral subjects in the story. To me that would be interesting. I have a short interest meter on repetitive stuff. That's just my opinion.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  9. Congrats with your book reveal! The book sounds great, and I wish you huge success! (Um...if you use famous pic/characters to sell something, can't you get sued? I've been afraid to do anything unless its non-copyrighted or original art.)

  10. I've been asked about the Most Interesting Man in the World pic countless times. This particular image has been used in so many ways on Facebook. Mine is but one of hundreds. So I'll take my chances.

  11. I like to see the covers. They're the first impression of a book and rather tantalizing. If you can get congress to actually talk TO instead of ABOUT one another I'll buy a dozen of your books!

  12. This was AWESOME, Steve! Very clever!

    And I know ... right in the middle of our cover reveals, nobody likes them anymore. lol But it's ok. There needs to be moderation, and either a cover reveal or book launch but not both.