Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Dreams and the Answer to Yesterday’s Cosmology Trivia Question

The latest and greatest theories on dreaming. Which could change tomorrow. Snarky remarks my own ...
* You forget roughly nine out of ten of your dreams. Bummer. These are probably the ones that could make you a million dollars.

* Everybody dreams. Including blind people. So do animals. Not sure about aliens though.
* If you’re snoring, you’re not dreaming. Get a CPAP.
* The Bible is loaded with dreams and symbolism. So are fictional books such as Harry Potter.
* Dreams can be precognitive, or what we refer to as Déjà Vu. The body is essentially paralyzed during REM sleep when dreaming so the dreamer will not physically act out the dream. Whew! Good to know.
* We dream of people we know. If you dream of a stranger, then that stranger is someone you have forgotten or represents someone else you do know.

Dali was so far ahead of his time (no pun intended)
* You can have as many as six or seven dreams a night, or around 2,000 dreams a year.
* Salvador Dali would wake himself up the moment he fell asleep to capture and paint surreal dream images.
* External Stimuli Invade our Dreams. So before bed cut down on the pizza and alcohol and what not. Or increase them, if you like wild and crazy dreams. Whoop whoop whoop nyuk nyuk nyuk. Bad Curly imitation.
* Dreams prevent psychosis. Now they tell me. More pizza, please.
* You can control your dreams and make nightmares a pleasant experience using an REM Device.
* There is technology in progress that may soon allow us to record and watch our dreams and even upload them to YouTube. Now this I’m scared of. Really.
I leave You With This: Dreams are heavily symbolic. It’s so worth your time to make time and Google Dream Symbolism in your spare time. A crocodile with a big snapping mouth whipping its tail (tale) back and forth could refer to gossip. Mouth. Tale. Get it? A horse could mean power and authority. The color blue could mean royal and heavenly colors.
Dream Trivia Question: It’s difficult to think of a dream trivia question as we know so little about why we dream. So let’s go with what is one of your best, worst, or craziest dreams.
No, this is not what zero gravity would look like.
Cosmology Trivia Question From Yesterday: Our Earth travels around the sun at a speed of about 18.5 miles a second and is held in orbit by our sun’s gravitational effect on it. If the sun ceased to exist at this very moment, along with its gravitational grip on our planet, how long would it take Earth to zing straight off into space?

This is, only much more terrible. Thank you gravity!!!
Answer: According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, nothing can move faster than the speed of light. And this includes gravity and the effect of our Sun’s gravitational pull on Earth. Since light takes eight minutes and twenty seconds to reach the Earth, you would have eight minutes and twenty seconds to make peace with your Maker and say goodbye to your loved ones before being flung off into space at incredible speeds.