Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekend Follies

Hi everyone. A big round of thanks for help, comments, and words of encouragement with my cover reveal this week.
On my mid-week post I blogged about how I came up with the concept art. Today, I thought I'd share what I did on Facebook in the days leading up to the release. This was a spontaneous fun way to let people know the cover reveal was coming, and have a little fun with it. 
Give me an E ....
Give me a S ....
Give me a C ...
Give me an ALATION ....
What's it spell?
ESCALATION!!! Cover release just five days away!
Great Scott! Only five days until the cover release of ESCALATION!!! Marty, set the flux capacitor to 1.21 gigawatts. We're going to the future to get a sneak peak!
ESCALATION Cover Reveal in just five days! Safe for the whole family. Except the wormholes.
That's right Sherman. Only four days left until the cover reveal for ESCALATION. Fortunately, we have the WABAC machine and can go into the future for a sneak peak!
Hey Babe, forget about the Most Interesting Man In The World. I can take you places he can't. Like four days into the future with my TARDIS to get a sneak peak of Stephen Tremp's cover reveal for ESCALATION.
Really, Steve? I promote your first two books to important and interesting people around the world. And you won't give me a sneak peak of the cover art for ESCALATION? Really?

Let's pass this budget. We don't want to miss the cover reveal of ESCALATION only three days away!

ESCALATION Cover Release only three days away? I think we'll wait for the movie so we can spoof it on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Dudes and Dudettes. We're off to get a sneak peak at the Escalation Cover Release three days from now. Excellent!!!

We may have no control over which world we end up in, but at least we got to see a sneak Preview of the cover art for ESCALATION!!!
I hear something ... a transmission from outer space ... it says ... Escalation Cover Release in just two more days!!!
Happy early Christmas. Its a sneak peak at the ESCALATION cover reveal only two days away.
Come Mini Me. We're off to get an evil sneak peak of ESCALATION due out tomorrow!

Don't worry, sir. We'll get a sneak peak at ESCALATION the old fashioned way. We'll break in and steal it.
Great! NASA spends all this money to get a sneak peak at ESCALATION Cover Reveal, and now the International Space Station is ruined and I'm floating aimlessly in space. George Clooney, where the heck are you?
Question: There has been talk around Blogdom regarding Cover Reveals and if they are effective any more, the concern being promo overload.
Have to admit, it has me thinking. I will help with Cover reveals through the rest of the year. Then in 2014 I will focus on more science and Sci-fi related posts. I have been getting away from my roots and trying to get back.
What are your thoughts on Cover Reveals as there sure are a lot (myself included) these days.