Sunday, October 20, 2013

W4WS, Beam Me Up, Scotty, How To Build A Planet, and Escalation

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Speaking Of Alex: he is a guest blogger here today to help promote his new release and concluding book to his trilogy CassaStar. The topic: Teleporting. Take it away Alex …
Beam Me Up Scotty! Those famous words, spoken almost fifty years ago, brought the idea of teleportation to the general public. What if we could actually teleport to another place or time?
The concept wasn’t new though. Science fiction literature had explored the idea for years. Technically, you could go back to stories like Aladdin, as the Djinns were able to transport themselves instantaneously from one place to another. While it was attributed to their magical abilities, it was in fact a form of teleportation.
I asked my local library to order Alex's books.
The term itself didn’t appear until 1931. Writer Charles Fort used it to describe unusual and unexplained disappearances. He created the word by joining the Greek prefix tele- (distant) and the Latin verb portare (to carry.)
Many science fiction authors used teleportation in their books. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series, written a hundred years ago, showed John Carter arriving on Mars via teleportation. Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov also used it in their stories and books. It’s also appeared in novels by Michael Crichton, Anne McCaffrey, CS Lewis, and Larry Niven.
The concept has also appeared in numerous films and television shows - Star Trek, Stargate, Thor, Back to the Future, Tron, Looper, Doctor Who, The Prestige, The Fly, and the new show, The Tomorrow People. We are fascinated by the concept of instantaneous travel.
Is it possible though? The website Sci-Fi Science – The True Science Behind Science Fiction explores the possibilities. Assuming man is made of carbon (although we are made of up many atoms), we’d need to know the coordinates of every atom in relation to time and how they’re located with other atoms at that time. The amount of information required just to teleport one type of atom would be immense. Recently scientists in Zurich were able to teleport information across a computer chip, but we are still a long way away from teleporting a person.
That doesn’t stop us from dreaming though! In my series, the Cassans can teleport their spaceships by using a device that is fueled by several unique compounds. The trigger comes from the mental powers of the Cassan race, as they use those powers to activate the device and teleport their ship. My main character, Byron, has the rare gift of being able to pour his own mental energy into the device and power it even when it’s been drained of energy. This unique ability comes into play numerous times in my series.
Whether possible or not, we’ll keep writing stories about teleportation while as scientists try to make it a reality. Perhaps one day we’ll get to experience it. I know it will make my commute to work a lot more pleasant!
Thank you Alex for your awesome post! And while you’re stopping by Alex’s Web Site for W4WS, check out all the relevant info regarding the author and CassaStorm.
What To Watch: There are a couple real cool shows definitely watching. Much more interesting than most of the mindless nonsense on TV these days:
How To Build A Planet: Join host Richard Hammond on the ultimate engineering project. How to Build a Planet uses stunning interactive CGI to reveal step-by-step how a world is put together. With a little help from the world's top scientists and engineers, Hammond will build the Earth and Solar System piece by piece. CLICK HERE for times and channels.
The Incredible Bionic Man: Meet the Bionic Man: a talking, breathing, walking man, made of the best prosthetic body parts and robotic technology available. CLICK HERE to view the whole episode.
Advanced Review Copy (ARC): If anyone would like to read and ARC of Escalation, please email me at and I’ll at the beginning of November I’ll send you a code to download a copy for free. I’m up to 300 pages edited or in the editing stage for ESCALATION. I really think I can finish this be October 31st. Such a push! I’m almost there. Check out the synopsis by clicking the ESCALATION tab at the top of the Home Page.
Question: Would you teleport if the technology was available today? Are you going to watch How To Build A Planet? Do you request libraries to carry friend's books? Are you interested in reading an ARC of Escalation?