Thursday, October 24, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things, Weekend Follies, and Spoofing Teleporting

Celebrate The Small Things: I'm thankful for my blogging pals! This was a very good week. After taking off the previous week to write, I bounced back strong with some awesome guests. Captain Ninja Alex, Mary Pax, and Pk Hrezo. Thanks all for stopping by!
Weekend Follies: As soon as I opened and read Alex's attachment on Teleporting, I knew exactly what I wanted to post for the Weekend Follies. Problem was, Alex sent me his post a month or so ago and I had to wait all this time to post it.
So here it is. Once again, I revert to one of the greatest genius minds of our time: Mel Brooks and his cult-classic movie Spaceballs. Take it away Mel and spoof teleporting as only you can ...