Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Is The Fun Part, Rare Solar Eclipse, Scott Carpenter Remembered, and The Challenger Disaster

This Is The Fun Part: What do you do with your characters, both good and bad, at the end of the story? The Breakthrough trilogy is not a cozy mystery. There are lots of people I need to decide what to do with. Who lives? Who dies? Who goes to jail? Who walks free? Does anyone get married?
I am the judge, the jury, and the executioner.
I can’t say that I finished ESCALATION by October 31st as was my goal, but close enough. I’m going over the final chapters and will send them off to my editor. Oh yeah. This is the part I like the best!
Rare Solar Eclipse: A rare solar eclipse that began as a "ring of fire" and transformed into a spectacular total eclipse of the sun amazed skywatchers from North America to Africa. The Sunday eclipse was a rare hybrid solar eclipse, which began over the Atlantic Ocean as an annular eclipse and transitioned into a full total solar eclipse for observers along the narrow path of totality in the eastern Atlantic and over parts of Africa. Observers along the U.S. East Coast and parts of Canada, meanwhile, awoke to a partial solar eclipse at sunrise. Reference
Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Remembered: The second American astronaut to orbit the Earth was remembered by family and friends at a funeral service in his Colorado hometown. Carpenter made his first and only spaceflight on May 24, 1962, when he became the sixth man worldwide to leave the planet. During his Mercury-Atlas 7 mission, Carpenter circled the Earth three times and conducted some of the first astronaut science experiments. Reference
What To Watch: The Challenger Disaster Saturday November 16th on the Science and the movie details William Hurt plays the main character’s participation in the Presidential Commission put together to investigate the Challenger explosion. I’m looking forward to seeing this and hope it’s worth the hype. With William Hurt, I like the chances.
Author Of The Week: Check out Susan Gourley’s release First Dragon. Just click the image of the book at the top of my right side bar. Good luck Susan!
Question: Did you see Sunday’s eclipse? How do you decide what to do with your characters at the end of the story?


  1. Didn't see the eclipse, but I think it's messing with my Direct TV.
    The cover for Susan's book is awesome!

  2. I totally did not see this gorgeous unique eclipse but have read up on it in this morning's papers and news sites!! Amazing phenomena!!

    I want all my characters to live happily or disappear dramatically! LOL!

    Take care

  3. I haven't read Susan's books just yet. I probably will soon. Have a lovely week.

  4. I didn't see the eclipse except for on the news. Glad you got so much writing done.

  5. Whoa. I had no idea there was an eclipse. But that would explain my newly found superpowers.

    1. Great comment Jay, although I have the feeling you're not trying to be clever.

  6. I didn't catch the eclipse. But I did see a lot of images online. These events always amaze me. I never tire of them.

  7. Writers take on a huge responsibility, don't they? I worry over all of my characters and really try to treat them fairly. . .even the bad ones. :-)

    Missed the eclipse. Remember the day of that disaster with great sadness. That made the danger of space exploration very real and very scary. How brave we are to rocket off into that infinite new frontier.

  8. Stephen, have you ever heard Jean Michel Jarre's Ron's Piece? It's the music Ron was to play on the Challenger. Very sad and moving. You can listen to it on You Tube -

  9. I had heard about the eclipse, but I missed it. Looking forward to reading ESCALATION. : )

  10. Nope, I missed the eclipse too. Love the cover of First Dragon

  11. Thanks so much for the shout out, Stephen. You're the best. I didn't know anything about the eclipse. I wonder if I could have seen here. The Challenger movie sounds good. I noting it so I can remember. I feel you about the characters' destiny. Sometimes I know early on which characters won't survive but sometimes it just works its way into the plot. Looking forward to Escalation.

  12. Hi Stephen .. congratulations on finishing Escalation .. and now just the final tickles!

    I read about the eclipse .. it sounds an amazing one ... love your photo ... I guess we'll get to see the Challenger film over here ...

    Cheers and happy November!! Hilary