Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kibbles And Bits

Cheersfest 2.0 2013: sponsored by Alex Cavanaugh, Mark Koopmans, Morgan Shamy, David Powers King, and myself will spotlight someone deserving of being roasted, similar to a Comedy Central roasting.
This year’s victim … err …. esteemed recipient is none other than Arlee Bird, who is a constant presence, is positive, possesses integrity, is involved in the online community (participating and hosting); is supportive of others and is a major force in the blogging community. This event will be held December 9th, 2013. More details to follow.
Realms Faire 2013: Thanks everyone for stopping by wen Gardner's Web site last week. The thumbs up fortunately outweighed the thumbs down. I am now set free. Thanks again!
Books From My Youth. I have the pleasure of reading the books my kids are doing for book reports. These are the same books I read as a kid. Gulliver’s Travels. Little House On The Prairie. Johnny Tremain. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Dr. Doolittle. Treasure Island. I had forgotten what fun it is to read these timeless classics!
What I'm Currently Reading
The Word Is … I'm flipping through my first book Breakthrough I wrote five years ago, and I saw a word I used and forgotten what it means. Probably because I don't use it in my day to day conversations.
The word is "solicitous."
Had to look it up. It means "characterized by or showing interest or concern."
I had to laugh.
Coffee: As a writer, I am always looking for that awesome cup of coffee in the morning. My wife brought home Folgers Half Caff. Smooth, yet bold if you add a little more coffee to the mix. I never would have thought grocery store coffee could taste this good. I highly recommend it.

Finally: The McRib is back in all its glory! For better or worse. And only 500 calories of deliciousness. Get them while you can as they are here for an unlimited time only. Or until whatever animal they use to make the (ahem) meat goes extinct.


  1. Yay for Arlee!!!

    Half caff coffee!??! Oh dear, no!! LOL!! But it looks like this one is an exception! Have a great solicitous Monday! :-) Take care

  2. And we already have people signing up to roast Lee!
    Funny you forgot what the word meant. Did you forget any character's name?

  3. hey did you see the Yahoo story about the frozen mc rib.. its funny....
    thanks again for being an official roaster... and speaking of coffee Highview not yet discovered the mysterious wonders of a K Cup ... I literally bagged my fully working coffee machine in plastic and put it in the garage last month .... its all about the Keurig baby :-)

  4. Awesome for Arlee! And thanks for the coffee recommendation. I love classic Folgers. I'll have to try this too if I can give up a bit of caffeine.

  5. Think you meant limited time for the McRib. Half caff,, must look into that. I mostly drink decaf but sometimes enjoy a caffeine coffee. When I go bowling I don't get a chance. Not sure how you could forget the definition of a word you had used in your book. Seems odd to me.

  6. I had my annual McRib last week-end and have been considering having another before they go. And I'm not being solicitous toward McDonald's by getting one--certainly not solicitous toward my health.

    Another year, another round of McRibs, and another Cheersfest Roast! I am honored.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. Lee, an award well deserved. I'm honored to be a part of it!

  7. Hi Stephen .. Lee is obviously filling up with McRibs - so he can be well and truly roasted ... all the posts will be fun to read ...

    Huge advantage having a reason to re-read the classics ... I really need to do that ... enjoy your reading sessions and talk through with the children ...

    Cheers Hilary

  8. I agree. Grocery store coffee can be good. As for the McRib - hmmm, not so much. Just saying….

  9. We're looking at Kuerigs. Have to say they are really awesome!

  10. That's right, you were locked in the stocks, too! Glad you got out. I'm not entirely sure if I've been released yet. But, I sure look forward to co-host this roast fest when I get out of here. :)

  11. I use Folgers breakfast blend. I almost can't drink anything else. I had limited access to books growing up and I can't tell you how many times I read The Three Musketeers.

  12. Arlee is a super choice. He is a wonderful person and a great blogger.

  13. I'm excited to roast on Lee this year! Hubby drinks Folgers, but would never 1/2 caff it. He needs an IV in the mornings...My oldest is a McRib addict, and they're doing a Bronco promotion where if you buy a meal, you get a McRib for a buck.
    Thanks for joining the Holiday Food Drive Blogfest. Will of course be back to read your post.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  14. Glad to see Lee nominated. But I must give a two thumbs down for both the concept of half-decaf coffee (ugh) and a McRib sandwich or Mcanything LOL!

  15. So will you be roasting Lee with Half-Caf or on a grill with the McRib? (I get so confused.)

    Johnny Tremain was one of my childhood favorites.

  16. I've never read Gulliver's Travels. The Folgers sounds yummy. My mom is about to come into town. Maybe I'll get some for her to try.

  17. Yeah for Arlee! Gulliver's Travels is a good book as are the others that you mentioned.

  18. Arlee rocks! I'm reading this post a little late, so the roasting has already occurred. It was fun to read everyone's entries.