Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kibbles and Bits and one Zippy Planet

CK Reader Giveaways: Ciara Knight is starting CK Reader Giveaways on Facebook, a really cool site that will hit the road running in August.
About: Join us each Monday to win books, swag or other prizes. There will be a chance to chat with authors and talk about books. Lots of prizes!! Each and every week (excluding some holidays) there will be giveaways offered. Stop by and enter to win a prize and to chat with authors and fellow readers. Let's make it a party!
I’m penciled in for October 28th and will be giving away the complete Breakthrough trilogy in one of those cool box sets.
Character Development: LD Masterson posted a great idea regarding developing characters. Give your character a birth date and use the traits from the appropriate astrological sign. I never thought of this. I’m not a zodiac kinda guy, but hey, a writer can glean some great ideas this way.
Urban Dictionary: I've been taking advantage of the Urban Dictionary. Wish I had discovered this site a long time ago. It has really helped me write certain sections of Escalation (currently in the editing stage). Check it out and Get Your Learn On
Foodie Craze: I'm going through a garlic craze again. I do this every few months or so. Lasagna, spaghetti, garlic bread, basically any Italian cuisine will do. I might not be pleasant to be around this week.
This Weekend: Another shipment of books are arriving Friday and I can’t wait to hit the beaches with my Square Card Reader and sell some more books. Sure wish sales would reflect on Amazon and my sales rank, but unfortunately they don’t.
Did You Know: There is a difference in the meaning of the words revolve and rotate? Example" The Earth revolves (orbits) around the sun while it rotates (spins) on it's axis.
Fun Fact: The fastest rotating planet in our solar system, and thus has the shortest days, is Jupiter at about ten hours. Consider the Jovian planet's size, this is very, very fast.
Venus takes 224.65 days to complete each orbit (revolve) around the sun. This is a little less than a year on Earth. But instead of a similar rotational period to Earth’s 24 hours, Venus takes 243 days to rotate once.
In other words, a day on Venus is longer than a year. This is the longest day in the entire Solar System. Even stranger, Venus rotates backwards compared to the other planets in the Solar System. Reference
If you could stand on the surface of Venus, the Sun would appear to rise in the West and then set in the East.
Bonus Fun Fact: SWEEPS-10, an exoplanet candidate, has the shortest orbital period (revolve) known (so far). It orbits its parent star from a distance of about 750,000 miles. This is so close that a year on this zippy planet occurs once every 10 hours. Reference
Bonus Pun: “Never trust an atom. They make up everything.”


  1. Jupiter really spins, doesn't it?
    I'm all signed up with Ciara for next month. I think I may be her first victim.
    Can't go wrong with garlic!
    Now, go hit some beaches, Steve.

  2. My entire WIP revolves around my character's birth chart, so you could say I've got her astrological characteristics down pretty good. :P

    And Ciara's project sounds great. I guess I'll have to get on Facebook one of these days. *kickingandscreaming*

  3. I really need to get a square card reader. Should have you do a guest post on it.

    I set up my date with Ciara.

  4. Great idea to sell your book. Clever you. And garlic and Italian food-- yummo-- a little red wine and it's the complete package!

  5. Alex, Sir, yes sir! I can do this mid-week, not just the weekends.

    LG, Facebook awaits you.

    Diane, the Reader will make a world of difference for you.

    Tammy, Ciara is indeed awesome!

    Julie, one bottle of red wine coming up. Right now!

  6. I'm going to send my son over here to read your planet facts - he'll devour them!

    That package of books is beautiful! I'm sure you'll have a blast selling them all.

  7. I've had some days that felt like a Venusian day.

    Thanks so much for the mention.

    Best of luck with the beach sales.

  8. Love the facts about the revolutions and rotations that you quoted. Also, like your pun. Don't need your first 2 books, already have them thanks.

  9. Hi, Stephen...

    VERY interesting facts! I'm not one for science, but I really did enjoy your post.. I guess it's your enthusiasm...

    ALL The BEST with your book sales!!!

    AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for featuring my badge on your side bar! I really appreciate it.... SO, when's the next HEALTH HOP?

  10. Wow, it would be a huge rush to spend a day on Jupiter!

  11. What is this Urban Dictionary? I need to check it out...
    Now you've got me thinking of the song Venus - it's gonna play on my mind for the rest of the afternoon... you always have such interesting scientific stuff to share.
    Writer In Transit

  12. I don't know what a square card reader is, but selling your books at the beach sounds like a fun idea!

  13. I just signed up for the CK Reader Giveaways on Facebook. Thanks for sharing about it.

    Have fun selling your books at the beach. It must be fun meeting new people, making book sales, and working on your tan all at the same time.
    : )

  14. That the way to make a day at the beach productive, lol.


  15. Hi Stephen .. this is some informative post and I love the fun facts .. and about 400 million years ago, according to records held in coral, the earth's day last 21 hours ... when it span (rotated) faster ..

    I love these sorts of information and your pun is great!!

    Excellent your trilogy is coming out as a box set - and I'm so pleased you're almost at the end of this publication journey ..

    I find your adventure of selling your books on the seafront fascinating - brilliant that obviously it's a great place to be and well done for making that decision ...

    And garlic .. well sometimes! Cheers and happy foodie days.. Hilary