Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Time For Realsies!

Today we visit the Blood Red Pencil. This has to be one of the best titles I’ve come across in all my years of writing, editing, blogging, and promoting.
Anyway, I’m at the point where I’m giving a recap of my experiences of writing a trilogy, what I’m thinking now, and where the heck I need to go. I’m coming full circle and ending up where it all first began. My Yahoo! Writing Group called the BBT, or Blog Book Tour.

Let’s not delay any further. Without permission from Mary Pax, we are using Spacedock 19 to transport over to the Blood Red Pencil. She always leaves the keys in the ignition. Let’s give a special shout out in the comments if you have been affiliated in any way with this very supportive group called chocked full of knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

But let’s hurry, before May finds out. It's off to the Blood Red Pencil!