Friday, March 21, 2014

The Great & Powerful Theme Reveal A to Z, Flight MH370, Black Holes, The Weekend Funnies, Wormholes, and Jumper Cables

Whoo Hoo! The day we have all been waiting for. We can now officially announce our themes for the April A to Z Challenge.
My Theme: A bit predicatble, I know. But a whole lot of fun! Okay, here it is: The Wonders and Oddities of our Universe: I can go in so many directions with this one. And I’ll give you a hint of what’s to come. A is for Aliens. And it’s probably not what you think. Unless you watch the news seeking out the smaller stories. Which could turn out to be the Big Story over time!

CNN: Did A Black Hole Make Flight 370 Disappear? Well, CNN has finally made sense of all of this. A black hole may be to blame for th doomed airliner.

The Weekend Follies: No, I have not forgotten. I just posted a day early. Which I can do as I have a wormhole in my garage that I can travel back and forth through space and time. When it runs, that is.
Ummm .... I just need a jump. Yes, I left the lights on. Again. At least I didn't leave my keys in it. Does anyone have any jumper cables?
Weekend Follies: Okay, we will now travel back in time one day. Click to go to Bish Denham’s Blog for Humor in Fiction. See you there.