Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Julie Musil, The Science Behind Harry Potter, and E=Mc2.

Dumbledore and Voldemort Dueling
We’re well into the Escalation Blog Tour and are having a great time! Today’s post promises to resonate with young and old alike. We’ll be visiting Julie Musil’s Blog and the topic is The Science Behind Harry Potter, specifically the duel between Professor Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort..
Great News: We’ve only lost five people while teleporting around. But we’ve picked up two lost souls from my Opening Blog Tour. We’re only minus three in that department! So let’s get ready to apparate to Julie’s blog. Just a word of caution if you’ve never done this. Grab someone’s arm who has done this before.
Wait For Us!!!
Just don’t look for Dumbledore. He’s dead. So is Professor Snape. As is ... well, half of the cast of Harry Potter. But no worries. I’m here to ensure most if not all make it to Julie’s and back safely. Just grab hold of Harry's, Hermione's, or Ron's wrist.
Here’s What To Expect: Everything will go black. You will be pressed very hard from all directions. You can not breathe as there were iron bands tightening around your chest; your eyeballs will be forced back into your head; your ear-drums will be pushed deeper into your skull. No worries. Right? So grab hold of someone and let’s go!
If you’re still here, then you're still here. Let's try an alternative route and CLICK HERE.