Tuesday, September 3, 2013

IWSG, Rippln, And A The Life List Book Review!

IWSG: It’s that time of month for Alex J. Cavanaugh’s IWSG. My challenge these days is finishing my current book Escalation. Seems like the Good Lord above has His own timing for the release, which is different from mine. I would have had it out by now. I sometimes struggle with doing things my way. But I understand He has a better idea in mind, so I’ll have to be patient, which I’m sometimes not very good at.
On the upside, I just sent off a large chunk to my editor and finally finished a difficult battle scene that really rocks. This was definitely worth the wait as I added some really cool stuff that would not have been included had I rushed the time table according to my schedule.
Rippln: Has anyone heard of this? Just what the heck is it all about? I received a request to join and did. Not sure why. Could have been the Labor Day wine. But I'm curious if anyone else is on board for this new mystery thing-a-ma-jig.

Review: The Life List Every year I like to read a few books outside of my genre of Action, Suspense, and Science Fiction. I found a real winner in Lori Nelson Spielman’s The Life List. What stood out was the character arc: Will the character grow and overcome in order to solve her challenges?
The conflict in the story is immediate. Brett Bohlinger is at a crossroads. Her recently deceased and beloved mother, patriarch of a successful global cosmetics company in Chicago, has passed. In order to receive her inheritance, Brett’s mother has legally willed her only daughter to fulfill the improbable Life List Brett naively made at the innocent age of fourteen.
Fast forward twenty years: Brett’s didn’t choose her life challenges and she didn’t adapt easily. But she didn’t give up under excruciating circumstances. Her journey was a painful one of fear and incompetence to courage competence. Along the way, Brett had to decide which of her friends were there to help and who would hold her back. We see Brett evolve through her personal trials and the decisions when confronted with choices she must make.

I laughed much through The Life List. And there was an excellent and unexpected ending. The character arc was complete. I can definitely see The Life List being made into a movie.
Take a moment to visit Lori Spielman’s Guest Post earlier this summer. It’s worth your time. Trust me!
Looking Forward: Check back Monday as author Bob Sanchez visits. Bob recently received his 100th Amazon review. That’s huge! I need to start writing more book reviews. Its good karma too.
Question: Did you have a fun and safe holiday weekend? Did you obey the Lava Lamp? What's your IWSG this month? Have you heard of Rippln? Do you write book reviews for Amazon and Kindle?