Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guest Author Eugenia Oganova, Sheena-kay Graham Cover Reveal, And The Moon!

Today we welcome Author Eugenia Oganova as she discusses Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
Encountering an uncomfortable, or difficult, or even painful internal or external situation is part of the awakening journey – it is our resistance to that event that creates a detour. Detours are painful – not only because we prolong the painful situation, but also because they generate confusion and lost-ness, further distracting us from our journey (life’s purpose!)
If one resists the challenging situation, which has arrived into one’s life, one becomes entangled in it – and attracts negativity that matches the problem, instead of the Light that matches the solution.

We resist our lessons by:
• Believing the literal meaning of the events – trying to solve the situation, rather than to learn about life.
• Allowing the emotional response to the event to take over – that is the “fluid overwhelm”, the over-focusing on the emotion which only amplifies the difficulty.
• Freezing up – hiding from emotion, avoiding it, attempting to stoically not feel.
• Pushing against the event by becoming frustrated or angry – that is an attempt to create distance from the event, a separation of Self and its’ creation.
• Judging and blaming others – a victim mentality of “It’s all their fault! This is an attempt to put responsibility for the difficulty onto someone else.
• Judging and blaming self – a collapse response of “It’s all my fault! I can’t do anything right!” This is an attempt to relinquish self-responsibility by proclaiming yourself to be incapable.    
When one’s not-wanting-to-experience what one is experiencing becomes habitual, one grows stuck in the resistance. Any and all resistance is futile – it only leads to more pain. Thus a great life is not about “never experiencing pain, difficulties, discomfort, etc.” but about facing what we attract to ourselves (internally and externally) without resistance – this generates wisdom and awakens the Soul within us.
Thank You Eugenia For Stopping By! For more information about Eugenia Oganova and her work – visit her Website Here . For a copy of Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit Click Here .
Cover Reveal: Congrats! To Sheena-kay Graham and her cover release for Sacrifice Her. Due December 2013. Best wishes to you Sheena-kay!
Did You Know: There are good reasons to return to the moon. The moon could hold secrets regarding our world. Lower gravity means it’s easier to launch ships to other planets and moons. Telescopes would have a better view to see deep into our universe as there is no atmosphere to interfere with observations. And the moon holds vital resources. We know there is water on the moon in the form of ice. And the hydrogen and oxygen atoms could be used as rocket fuel. Reference
At least seven major potential lunar construction materials have been identified. These include:
• concrete
• sulfur concrete
• cast basalt
• sintered basalt
• fiberglass
• cast glass
• metals Reference
Fun Fact: The U.S. does not have concrete plans to return to the moon any time soon. China plans to land an unmanned exploratory rover on the moon by the end of this year.
The question is, will private industry beat governments to the punch?