Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekend Follies

Hi everyone and welcome to the Weekend Follies, a great way to cap off the week with a laugh!
But First: We had two amazing writers visit this week. If you haven't already, take a few moments to scroll back and check out this week's posts by Lori N. Spielman and Susan Kay Quinn.
Freebie: Laura Eno's Jewel of Shaylar, Book 1 of the Kingdoms of Chandra, is FREE at Smashwords until July 31ST. CLICK HERE and use code SW100 when checking out.
Do You Stereotype: I try to steer clear of stereotyping. but I imagine I do, at least to an extent. But other writers will stereotype in the name of free speech.

Speaking of stereotyping, I think of this beginning clip from Undercover Brother starring Eddie Griffin. Love this opening scene. If you haven't seen this it's definitely worth renting. It Ain't No Thing.