Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kibbles And Bits: Mick Jagger, Pop Travel, Sharknado, And Optical Osmosis

Pop Travel: Tara Tyler's fast-paced techno-thriller is available for download for $4.99. I have mine and will start it as soon as I finish my current read. CLICK HERE to download yours. And check out her Blog Tout Schedule HERE.
Optical Osmosis: Jeffrey Beesler has released his third book Optical Osmosis. Download it for $2.99. Congrats! Jeffrey and best wishes for a smashing success!
Sharknado: Another Syfy disaster film gone horribly ... right. The SyFy Channel has done it again and shown a movie fit for Mystery Science Theatre 3000. According to the synopsis released by The Asylum, the “Sharknado” plot centers around a hurricane that floods Los Angeles, terrorizing the coastal populace with sharks coming from the land, sea and air.
Oh, and the movie starred Tara Reid. Wow. Has her career really come to this? Normally I leave stories like this to Captain Alex .
But There Is A Point To This Story: What caught a lot of people by surprise was the Twitter frenzy this movie caused while airing. The numbers, according to Variety, are by no means record-setting, but they're pretty impressive – it was the most Tweeted-show of the night, with 5,000 tweets a minute for a total of 318,232 during the broadcast. Who knew? This is indeed a very strange universe we live in.
So this gives hope to every writer. Any story can be successful. So keep the faith and steer the course. And never give up! If you are kicking yourself for missing Sharknado No worries. It will air again Thursday at 7:00 pm on the SyFy Channel.
Mick Jagger: Can you believe the front man for the Rolling Stones  turned 70. Incredible. Where the heck did all the time go? Time flies and waits for no one. Spend it wisely and appreciate every day as a gift.  
Author Of The Week: Jeffry Beesler and his new release Optical Osmosis. Click the badge at the top of my right side bar to download your copy!
Question: Have you downloaded Pop Travel or Optical Osmosis? Can you believe Sir Mick turned 70? Are you going to watch Sharknado Thursday?

Check out the Sharknado clip, if you dare: