Tuesday, June 30, 2015

IWSG and More!!!

Hi everyone, It’s that time again for the monthly Insecure Writers Support Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. The Co-hosts for June are Charity Bradford, S.A. Larsen, AJ Lauer, Tamara Narayan, Allison Gammons, and Tanya Miranda

Like most, if not all of you writers, I’m concerned about hooking the reading early. This can be accomplished by having that awesome first line. But a great first line isn’t necessarily necessary. But you should try to hook the reader by the first paragraph, the first page, or the first chapter if possible. 
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I want to keep this post short, so here is the first sentence along with an abbreviated version of the first page from Salem’s Daughters, due out October 1st, 2015: 

This was a hell of a way to hold a monthly meeting and welcome newcomers to the coven ... Emily Livingston ran faster and harder than she thought possible. Her body’s defenses kicked into rapid, automatic responses as the cacophony of her pursuers’ shrieking blasphemy blasted through the late autumn night ... 

Behind her, the mob from surrounding villages and towns had flushed out their coven at the midnight hour. They’d been compromised by one of her closest followers. Olivia Shepherd. I should have known, Emily thought between exasperated breaths. She’s so weak and frail of mind and heart. It probably took those bastards less than an hour to force her to surrender our secret place. Then kill her ... 

Though Emily’s senses were heightened and her awareness of the surroundings at peak levels, she could not find her younger sibling Sarah in the mass panic of dozens of young women running to save their lives; all daughters of those hung at the Salem Witch Trials and other untold witch hunts in the following years. 

What I Finished Reading: I finished the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series series. All five books. Rick Riordon did an amazing job using Greek mythology to write a modern day epic story. These five books have been a tremendous inspiration for a series I’m currently writing in the same genre. Reviews forthcoming. 

What I’m Reading: White Fire by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, book 13 in the Pendergast series. It’s been far too long since I caught up on Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast. The last book I read from the dynamic duo (outside of the total dud Gideon’s Sword and we won’t waste our time with that) was Fever Dream. So it’s been a lot of fun catching up on one of the best character-driven series I’ve ever read. 

Question: How do you feel about hooking the reader early on? Do you have that one great first line? If so, please share it in the comments. And what are you reading this summer?