Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A is for Alien and Insecure Writers Support Group

I keep abreast on what people believe regarding aliens. The thoughts are as diverse as the human mind can imagine. Keeping this in the context my A to Z theme of The Supernatural, there are many groups who believe the whole alien agenda is really demonic in nature. There are no aliens. The universe exists for the Earth and its inhabitants. 

It’s really demons, fallen angels, who manifest themselves throughout history as aliens visiting ancient humans. They helped civilizations of antiquity build the great pyramids of Giza, the magnificent Mayan ziggurats of Mesoamerica, the Nazca lines in Peru, and dozens others too numerous to list. 

But let’s not stop there. Meticulous and precise astronomical meanings are also associated with these amazing structures, built seemingly by ancient people with technology and tools they should not possess. Add in the incredible mathematics and the possible numerology these numbers and angles might represent ... whew! Mind blown!

According to these groups, the demonic agenda is to confuse humans into thinking we are here by reason other than a Divine design. 

IWSG: Oh, before I forget, my concern for the Insecure Writers Support Group, as it always is this time of year, keeping up on everything A to Z. As a co-host there is much to do. 

So I need to plan my days so I can get proper sleep, eat right, exercise, and be cool with the vino. Gotta be smart about this and be prepared for the long haul. Onward A to Z!

Question: What are your thoughts on aliens? Do they exist? If so, what the heck are they? 

Honorable Mention: Angel, Arch-angel, Apparition, Amulet

Tomorrow: B is for Blessing.

The Great City of Teotihuacán

Great Pyramids of Giza

Nazca Lines of Peru